Sink fires staffer who sent text during debate

October 27th, 2010 by Staff

TALLAHASSEE – Alex Sink said today she “took accountability” when a campaign aide broke the rules of last night’s CNN gubernatorial debate by sending her a text message during a commercial break.

Sink’s opponent Rick Scott publicly called out Sink as soon as the break was over. “Alex you say you always follow the rules. The rule was, no one was supposed to give us messages during the break and your campaign did with an iPad—iPod.”

During the break—as seen on the CNN video—Scott had called over a CNN staff member to point out what he believed Sink was doing and ask, “So we can get notes, we can have people that work for us come give us messages?”

The CNN representative answered no.

Sink made no response to Scott’s accusation when they were back on-air.

But she confirmed after this morning’s Cabinet meeting in Tallahassee that she had fired the staffer, Brian May for his part in committing the debate foul. Asked if she and May had discussed sending messages prior to the debate’s start, she said, “absolutely not.”

“I couldn’t tell, really, what it was,” she said. “In fact, when I went back afterwards, I said ‘find out where that text message came from,’ and it actually came from somebody on my campaign staff, clearly against the rules, and that person’s had to leave my campaign.”

Pressed further by a reporter about the cheating incident, Sink said, “when I learned what had happened and got to the bottom of it, I took accountability, and I held the person who was responsible for the cheating accountable, and he’s no longer with my campaign. And that was the right action to take.”

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