Sickles Yearbook Photo Girl Smokes Weed with Mom

May 19th, 2009 by admin

Remember how the staff of Sickles High School seemed so unconcerned following the accidental publication in the yearbook of a photo showing a student wearing no panties? Remember how the mom was so outraged that she demanded a “do over” of the whole yearbook?

Well, it turns out that this family may be a little more dysfunctional than originally thought…I mean the kid didn’t wear any panties on school picture day!

It turns out that mother and daughter also like to smoke a little weed together (photo below).


The girl has a MySpace page as well that’s been set to “private”, but not before some folks grabbed a punch of pics and posted them all over the web. Some even have the uncensored high school yearbook picture.

I’m not going to post them here because she is underage.

“Jennajack” is the name she goes by on many social sites, but who knows whether or not that’s her real name.

Looks like this whole thing is about to get a whole lot more interesting, eh?


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  1. Scarecrow

    F###ing white trash whores and the continuing pussification of America. This so pisses me off. I wanna smack both these dumb bitches, daughter and mother. Of course I would never smack the daughter until she was 18.

  2. Ashton K

    Jenna is a little hottie – would show her my seaweed!!!!!

  3. john Q

    Dude number one that is a Hookah, which consists of Shisha (Tobacco, Molasses and flavoring) that is packed in a bowl, covered by aluminum foil and a charcoal is placed on top. Then you suck on the hose and you get a smooth very tasty smoking session. So whatever idiot says its weed research Hookah, Shisha and Hookah Bars because most towns have a hookah bar where you can go and enjoy. Secondly don’t judge people by their “social network” pics, yes todays kids are more sexual at a younger age but the parents are to blame for not teaching their kids about self respect, about leaving some things to the imagination, and how to present yourself like a lady. But we all have done things that we ourselves might not be proud of or our parents so before we go and cast the first stone think about throughout your life have you done or acted a way that embarrased you or people would critisize you about? I bet the answer is a yes

  4. Daryl

    The mother should be tied to an ant pile, but come on…… Who out there, in there teens didn’t do some over the top stuff? Or maybe you were just to wasted to remember.

  5. Tony

    There is no way to prove that there is weed anywhere in the photo, however I do believe that the law for tobacco is still 18, which means the mom is aiding the delinquency of a minor.


    @JOHN D ….”DUDE” News flash hookahs can be used for smoking weed and hash too and in this picture it doesn’t look lie a nice relaxing smoking session it looks like bong rips.Also i may be wrong but you still have to be 18 to use a hookah so either way its contributing to the delinquency of a minor. and i will judge a person by their social network pictures because that is what they have put out there to represent themselves and to be judged by a good parent would not only know what is on said site but have the password to access such sites and remove such content if needed.ITS CALLED PARENTING!!Strike two against mom. perhaps she should have checked herself before she “cast the first stone”. THis girl is a little wanna be hoe leaving the house with out any panties on says it all and if you buy the “no panties line” then might i add that you need to learn how to work kid.hopefuly this will tech her some humility and that she needs to learn how to act like a lady and not like her mom she needs to get some help and the mother needs some as well

  7. Robin's Taint

    Where were these Girls at when I was in High School? maybe we should be more worried about her grades and less about “no panties Thursday”

  8. Jason

    this girl is a winner leave her alone

  9. Uncle John



  10. Punchlyne

    Eh…she probably did it on purpose, then realized she might get into some sort of trouble and backpedaled. Time to cry woe is me!

  11. clarkro

    Dont make fun of her, she has feelings, give Britnay a chance!

  12. craig in florida

    dont care what she is smoking still under age. tobacco or weed to young to smoke.

  13. Erie Dave

    I have done way worse than any of these photos. This story is going to do nothing but hurt a little girl becouse of nothing more then her tring to look the right way in a dress. And the Hookah photo is nothing more then tobacco and yeah her mom is their….BIG DEAL.. If that is the worst thing that that mom lets her child do then God Bless her. Good luck to you hun and hope you come back stronger from this. Bubba take a moment to rethink this if you can for the girl and her family. I know that if people saw half the photos from my youth I would have been taken from my family and end up like Ned. No offence Ned, I did bid on your Boots.

  14. Steinpin

    This is why social networking sites are of the Devil. They turn young innocent girls into white trash whores.

  15. sonofdad420

    damn this chick looks like a party

  16. eric

    I agree that exploiting this story is a good idea for the Bubba show. Showing her face is very cool and I am sure Bubba and the crew feel sorry for her situation. The hypocrisy of these guys is dumbfounding. After the cop worship, child molestation and Obama worship they decide to go after a high school student. Very powerful stuff.

  17. bunny

    I feel the sudden urge to interject here..

    IF the mother smoked Tobacco OR Weed with her daughter in a hookah she is breaking the law and that should definitely be looked into, on behalf of the fact she is endangering the health and well being of a MINOR. Tobacco is for people Over 18. Weed is not legal. If the mother is SMOKING anything with the daughter it is a clear charge of child endangerment and/or contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

    MORE SO, whether the mother abided by Our Laws is not the original issue.



    The School or Yearbook Staff should be charged with sOmething, then you can start pointing fingers at the mother!

    worst of all if that her myspace photos have been turned Out and her social life possibly ruined by SOMEONE ELSES mistake, not her Or her Mothers mistake.


  18. Nasty

    who cares if she’s not old enough to smoke hookah? it seems like all you guys are becoming pussified. since when do bubba listeners care about underage smoking? especially if its weed.

    she can smoke all the weed she wants thats beside the point.

    she’s just a fucking idiot for spreading her legs during a picture and she’ll just have to live with the consequences.

  19. sandi

    Oh Miss Innocent. The true skank is finally revealed. I think panty lines should be the least of her concerns. Nice mothering.

  20. brian

    My guess is you’ll have her on the show in a couple years….She’ll probably be working in a Tampa area gentlemans club!!

  21. Bill

    Be a different story if some kid let his penis out for a picture.

  22. Go Big Red

    Alexander you said it all. AMEN!

  23. Full Rigger Effect

    I remember a few girls like this in my high school we called them awesome. Take the heat for your actions its not anybodies fault but your own. You wanna risk flashing the beavage at school dont get mad when its spotted.

  24. Hallsie

    I love all the people who jump on the Marajuana train on here. Then you have to love all the people that refer to social networking sites and the pictures posted and want to blame the parents.

    1) There is no telling what is in the “pipe” so no allegations can be made about anything. Not only that I cannot even find a law that says you must be 18 to be in possession of a “pipe”. If someone could point me in that direction that would be great.

    2) We do not have dates on these photos so why has nobody pointed out that this could be salvia. Sure it has been Illegal since July 1, 2008 but then again I never knew any age limit on salvia NOR like I said, there are no dates on any of the photos.

    3) All of you people who know nothing about the internet please stop trying to proclaim how parents can stop their kids from doing anything on the internet. The lack of tools for parents is astounding. If you simply look at HOW Facebook became so popular is because when it started the ONLY WAY you could get an account was to have a school email address. So your kid could get in but you could not, nor could you have any way to access the site whatsoever if marked private etc.
    Not to mention that every cell phone can now access the internet and/or the fact that you cannot keep you kid away from using friends’ internet/computer then you can quickly see how there is a way around EVERYTHING.
    Parents cannot be blamed for things on the internet that their kids put on there because there is no way to control. I do think HOWEVER that parents need to keep up with technology and with the times and need to understand how to find out what may have been put up etc.

    Naivety is not a defense either.

  25. Coon

    It’s better then Pills……..

  26. IGEN420

    “F” redoing the year book the girl wanted people to see her pizz. But we aren’t being any better publishing pictures of them smoking Hooka. I did not see weed in the photo I only saw chunks of red tabaco that’s used in the pipes. And even if they were smoking weed WTF is it anyone’s business except them. The school board should have told her mom to get f###ed “but they obviously are weak” which is a statement of the populas as a whole so why do we care. I would feel a parent allowing the kid to get high with them rather than have them out with who know who doing who know’s what to get the drugs. plus you have another bond with your child and it makes them more comfortable discussing bigger issues with you rather than dealing with the fall out. I see personal responsibility in this picture. the year book thing is a whole different ball game. What are we doing here but lowering our selves.

  27. IGEN420

    BTW Right on Hallise I couldn’t agree more

  28. IGEN420

    And Bunny is nuts, and is just whining and crying. I feel bad for your 5 kids. They are going to do what they wanna anyway and all u can do is try to channel it and keep them busy, with sports “martial arts”, dreams of spaceflight, Books to feed their minds. and most important listen to them and feed their dreams not their fears. They will do the rest themselves, you just have to set the path. That rebelious nature that is in all kids that lead to the aforementioned issues is then channeled to challanges that they are then ready for and are not afraid to ask for assistance when needed. And most of all they get the attention that they needs and don’t need to go looking for it in other “shady” places.


  29. IGEN420

    O BTW BUNNY. you are out of your mind incase I didn’t get that point accross. Hold the school yearbook staff accountable? With as many pictures and documents as they have to deal with I can see how this easly got by. you only get 1 period a day to do this stuff, and are not trained editors they are learning and based on what type O’s I have seen in the professional press. Obviously you never took part in the process. Go F your self and turn in your childern I feel they would be better raised by gypsies than your facist self. You hide behind laws because you lack the personality to deal with reality.

  30. Holy Sh##

    Where are the f###ing parents?! This girl is white trash all day! The school and the photographer should tell the girl and her mom to go f### themselves. This little whore sat with her legs open with no panties on and expected what?!

  31. prison rape fantasy

    I should notify u about this.

  32. shs2010

    lol you all are misinformed, i went to sickles with her and her name was gina, plus i had many friends who were on year book and the picture was zoomed to make sure they knew what actually was there and it was a shadow, not her private area

  33. jim

    She is young let her have fun.

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