Shark Fishing with Manson’s Boys

June 5th, 2009 by admin

Here’s a couple pictures of the sharks the boys were catching the other day. One of them took Trace’s pole and he dove in and got it and back out in about 2 seconds. Not much later they saw a 7 foot shark go by!

img_0334 img_0337
img_0355 img_0360
img_0371 img_0373

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  1. justin

    Im from ft myers been a fan 4 years any way nice shark
    there is alot of fishing to be done in tampa well fl in generl glad to see pics and I always lesen when bubba mentions u and boys caught shark then u guys ghange subject
    nothing is more manly than catching a bull shark or nice
    black tip worth mentioning captin Justin

  2. SwmpWmpus

    Heh. I remember fishing for Pompano off off beaches from Marco Island and up to Captiva. We would put out a few hundred yards of “stab” net and go from net to net picking them up to clear and then putting them back out.

    Every so often we would come across a half shark with only one bite taken out of it. Usually the half we pulled in measured anywhere from 3 to 4 feet.

    Sometimes we would catch the culprit. Usually a 12 to 14 foot hammerhead. It would roll the cork line right down to the lead line and be tangled in about 100 feet of net if it got caught in the net at all.

    My favorite catches were when we set “wing dings”. A couple hundred yards of seine net we left out over night then pulled up on the beaches in the morning. You could usually count on pulling in a shark anywhere from 6 feet (usually a bull, black tip, shovel nose, nurse, or some such) up to about 14 feet (usually a hammerhead) and this was in water shallow enough to wade in.

    Don’t think all the big ones are in the deep water. You would be surprised on what is in the wading water too.

  3. Bubba Rocks

    The Grammar and spelling used by Justin From Fort Myers in no way reflects the rest of Fort Myers Grammar an education.

  4. Aaron

    I want you to send me a little one it would look good in my big Saltwater tank. I love the show keep up the good Work.

  5. Nish

    I agree Bubba Rocks, however, I am from Naples so generally my education and grammar far exceeds those from Ft. Myers.

  6. Aj

    Thanks for sharing the cool picsof your trip Manson! I cant believe how big those things are.!

  7. Jerry

    As does your ego.

  8. Pete

    I live in Cape Coral and Im not from this area originally, but most people here are retarded, so his grammar and spelling makes total sense.

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