104.1′s Shannon Burke Shoots Wife and Dog

May 4th, 2009 by admin


ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. — Radio personality Shannon Burke will not return to air Monday after he was arrested Thursday and charged with shooting his wife and dog, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said.

Burke, whose full name is Edward Shannon Burke, got angry at his dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, got a handgun and threatened to shoot it, deputies said.

The gun discharged, and the bullet went through the dogs leg and his wife, Catherine, on the side of her head, according to a report. The incident happened about 10:45 p.m. Wednesday at the couple’s home in Altamonte Springs.

Burke, 43, is charged with aggravated battery with a weapon and animal cruelty. Bond was set at $10,000 during a court appearance on Friday, which he has since posted. However, he was not released from jail.

Instead, he is in the Seminole County Jail awaiting a move to the Orange County Jail. His arrest was a violation of his DUI probation in Orange County.

In a recording of Burke’s 911 call, he tells the dispatcher he was playing with a gun that he didn’t know was loaded, and it went off. He says the bullet struck the side of his wife’s head.

Catherine Burke was treated for injuries that were not life-threatening. The dog lost her tail and could lose a leg, doctors said.

Burke is one RealRadio 104.1 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wikipedia describes his show as “mixture of outrageous daily, biker attitude and personality, and right-wing style rants.”

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29 Responses

  1. Daryl

    What a tough guy.

  2. Tim

    I think its safe to say that alcohol was more than likely a factor.

  3. alex

    he looks like a steroid junkie after roid rage

  4. papa pump

    Shannon is a big drinker and alckie.it’s funny how a guy can be in a bike rally with a dui . He is king of the of the drunks its supriseing that he does not have more dui’s.

  5. Stuart

    Why shoot the dog!?!

  6. chuck D

    This guy is a douche to the people who call his show unless they agree with him and mark out. He has children and a great job that he just f’d up because of his chronic a-holeism. what a tool. Thank god we have Bubba.

  7. Bill C

    Got to love the peoples hammer for bringing this up. With out you Bubba we would have never known!!!!!Thanks for the great radio

  8. Joe

    I think its safe to say the ratings book was more than likely a factor! Go Bubba ! All of us FTEs love ya (in a NFW)

  9. John Reilly

    Another Fear channel talent bites the dust He’s FIRED and still in Jail with 100,000 bail.

  10. Kman

    How does the path of the bullet travel from the dogs leg to his wifes head?

  11. MrRadio

    If Clear Channel were smart, they would pickup Neil Rogers for middays on Real Radio. Actually, if they were smart they would have kept Howard Stern and Bubba, but they aren’t smart, they’re cheap bastards!!!

  12. neil westberry

    If you have admitted on air numerous times about the fact
    that you have a concealed weapons permit and that you have
    had a life long relationship with weaponry there is not
    a chance in hell that he did not know that the gun was
    loaded. Also,don’t you have to chamber or cock the hand gun
    for it to be able to fire with minute amount of pressure.
    shannon has complained numerous times on air about the fact that this new addition to their petting farm has been an
    interruption to his sleeping habit’s.

    career over!

  13. Jody

    Accidently went off my A**! To much booze bro… Enjoy those tasty bologna sandwiches!!!!

  14. Bubba's sack

    I think Russ will be the next real radio person to snap.

  15. Bannon Shurke

    Regardless of who who works for, he made a mistake. If alcohol was involved lets hope he gets help. Hopefully the justice system with handle this appropriately and he’ll pay his debt to society. The main thing is no one lost a life. This could have been fatal.

  16. Mark N

    He’s got a funny way of “playing with his gun”. At least Catherine is OK, maybe she’s allowed to make phone calls for now.

    You think Shannon was upset about the recent mass firing at CC?

  17. Peter

    Cant wait to see what sh#t channel does to replace this idiot, with any luck they will give it to his dumb ass racist sidekick soul borther kevin wannabe dj… 104.1 has one good show left the philips phile even Jim philips talked about how stupid Shannon Burke is, what a waste…
    Soul Brother kevin will never fill the gap and once shit channel decides what to do and Kevin is not involved he will be the first one to use the race card as he always does…

  18. patrick

    how do you shoot the dog in the leg and your wife in the head with the same bullet?






  20. Bubba's cum shot

    There is no way clear channel will give SBK (a black man)his own mid day show. Its sad but SBK will be the next to go at clear channel.

  21. bubba 1st SRGT zender

    killing ur wife its ok but the dog?dog?the dog had nothing to do with it…..

  22. JoustingJay

    What a an animal hater!! How can Shannon use that poor dog as a shield?!?


  23. Bannon Shurke

    Here’s the wife’s side of the story….
    In a sworn statement filed in court, Catherine Burke said her husband was upset last Thursday because his dog had dug out of their yard.

    She said her husband picked up her spaniel named Charlotte “and threw her harshly to the ground.” Then, she said, he walked to a closet and got his gun and said: “I’m going to shoot the dog in the head and you’re going to watch.”

    Catherine Burke’s petition for injunction against domestic violence from Shannon Burke
    LISTEN: Shannon Burke’s 911 call Audio
    Complete transcript of 911 call from Shannon Burke
    Photos: Shannon Burke accused of shooting of dog, wife Photos: Shannon Burke accused of shooting of dog, wife Photos
    Mug shots of the rich and infamous: Celebrities and others in trouble with the law Photos

    He pointed the gun at the dog and fired, but nothing happened, she said.

    He changed ammo clips, put the dog on the bed and fired a shot, she said.

    “Charlotte yelped in agony and directly after that I felt a burning pain on the side of my head,” she said

  24. Bannon Shurke


  25. who cares

    that whole station sucks .those knot heads in the morning should be the next.soul brother kevin needs to back to selling meds! keep up the good work bubba an crew .oh yeah hey Ned turn it up a notch on this one ….no balls no glory

  26. joe

    Shannon behind the back shot at the dog ricocheted off his turtle Sheldon and hit his wife in the head….. its the holy trinity of trick shooting. hes a bit off to say the least.

  27. Shannon Burke | FTP2FTP News

    [...] Shannon Burke Mug Shot!Radio personality Shannon Burke will not return to air Monday after he was arrested Thursday and charged with shooting his wife and dog, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said. Burke, whose full name is Edward Shannon Burke, … Read more [...]

  28. Mark J Hankins

    in 1951, my poor young father, joined the marines and was sent to korea, in 1977, his son joined the marines, his son,…me. Fired expert with every rifle and pistol…as cadet at Miami police academy fired above expert..distinguished expert! Big deal! That red neck that shot his dog and wife are what Rednecks all over this country are doing..they are being themselves, angry, drunk, repressive, chauvinistic, and , and, well as Miami goes north to tennessee, and so Cal goes east to chattanooga, the Rednecks are being destroyed!! I would like to thank each one personally..You can’t be a southern, cracker redneck, and vote Republican!! That IS the party of Lincoln. The host, burke, is lucky he is not facing murder charges, negligible homicide or otherwise! Yey! one less cracker. hey texas, secede !

  29. steve balog

    Last november I went over to sanford harley davidson and was looking to purchase a roadglide. The bike that I purchased was built for shannon burke. He used it for permotional use. He road the bike to bike week and other events.

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