May 20th, 2011 by Staff

(WFLX) - KAMA is the latest innovative exercise to hit crunch fitness! KAMA co-creator Dr. Melissa Hershberg says, “This is a fun, flirty, rebellious type workout.”

Skrypnyk says: “Very foxy, sassy, flirty, so that’s your time to really have fun.”

Named for the Hindu God of Love, KAMA is a total body workout that’s empowering women to reconnect with their “sexual core” — one sexy squat at a time.

“The pelvic core, also known as the sexual core, is sort of the area of our pelvis that involves the external muscles as well as the internal muscles,” explained Dr. Hershberg. “So the external muscles are the lower abs, the inner thighs, the hips and the buttock, and the internal muscles sit within our pelvis.”

Dr. Hershberg says by tightening the pelvic muscles and allowing the blood to flow to that region, these exercises can help to enhance sexual pleasure and libido, aid in fertility and child birth and prevent incontinence.

It seems that these muscles are often ignored. Just ask 25-year-old Lisa Bermunez. “I didn’t know what to expect. And it’s fun. I feel like I really got into muscles that you normally don’t get to, not your superficial muscles, like a lot internal stuff,” she said. “There’s sexy movements, but it’s like fun, sexy.”

By learning these sexy movements, both co-creators agree, KAMA gives women a new sense of confidence. “I’d say really connecting with your sensuality, your femininity, learning to loosen up and learning to just put your life on pause and indulge in that me time that we’re so entitled to,” said one woman.

“Women tend to leave class feeling excited, renewed, energized, awakened, and it can absolutely have benefits outside of the gym and into the bedroom, as well,” Hershberg said.

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  1. Patrick

    Thats the first time i got a hard-on from a real news story!!
    U know the sad truth that the gay guys will mostly be showing up for classes

  2. Coop

    Why did they cut your show out when you guys were halfway through this story? They cut you off and played 20 min of straight country. I live in Tampa too!

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