Severed dog heads found in Dumpster of Tuscon’s Southwest Grill

April 5th, 2010 by

Clearwater, FL - Police are trying to find the person responsible for dumping the severed heads of several dogs into a restaurant Dumpster last week.

On Tuesday morning, the kitchen manager at Tucson’s Southwest Grill off Ulmerton Road said he was making his morning run to the trash bin when he lifted the lid and made a gruesome discovery.

He found the severed heads of six dogs.

The manager quickly called his boss, Greg Pont, who recounted the conversation to 10 Connects. “[He said] ‘I thought I saw something that looked like a stuffed animal.’ I looked at it closer and realized it wasn’t stuffed animals,” said Pont.

Customers dining at the restaurant on Saturday afternoon were disgusted to hear the news.

“Dogs and cats are considered family. These were probably somebody’s family members at one point,” said John Pederson.

Jackie Amato agreed when she said, “It is just awful.”

“It would make me concerned that not just animals are at risk, but potentially people could be at risk because that’s usually an indicator of more harmful behavior,” said customer Bonnie Dhonau.

As the general manager, Pont wants his customers to know “we run a clean operation and we had no involvement with anything that happened out back.”

Customers we talked with seemed to know that. “I’ve always been well taken care of when I come here,” said Dhonau.

“Their food is great. Their service is great,” said Amato.

But others can’t shake the proximity of the disturbing discovery and it is costing the restaurant customers and cash.

“One group had made a reservation in one of our banquet facilities for 35 people. They were very upset and said they weren’t going to keep their reservation,” said Pont.

“That’s ridiculous,” said Amato.

Dhonau added, “That doesn’t make any sense to me, because I wouldn’t connect it with the restaurant at all.”

Tucson’s Southwest Grill has been in Clearwater for more than 17 years. The general manager says he’s considering surveillance cameras for their back Dumpster area now.

As the restaurant tries to pick up the pieces from bad publicity, Largo Police are trying to piece together the mystery of the dogs in the Dumpster.

If you know anything about this case, call Largo Police at (727) 587-9200.

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