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Bubba Army and friends of the Bubba The Love Sponge® Show the current legislative session in Florida has been filled with special interests and inside shady deals on laws that will hurt the taxpayers of this state. Senate Bill 6 is yet another law that will have the State of Florida grab power, and micromanage our local school districts. This is yet another centralized big government bill being rammed through the legislature by Senator Thrasher. Mr. Thrasher and the politicians in Tallahassee think they know better than your local school board whom you voted in what is good for your local schools.

This bill is being supported by special interests and lobbyists that don’t have what’s best for our education in mind at all.

Please contact your senator and house member to voice your opposition to Senate Bill 6 and House Bill 7189. Below is a sample letter you may use to send to your representative, please feel free to add your thoughts as well. We are providing links so you can find your house representative and senator. Please make your correspondence professional and respectful this is an important issue that needs to be addressed in the proper manor.

Dear ______________

I am writing you to let you know my opposition to Senate Bill 6/House Bill 7189. This bill seeks to micromanage our local school district, and it hangs the careers of teachers on the performance of students on standardized tests. This is simply a bad idea for our education system.

The fact that virtually no teachers or educators are for this bill should speak volumes. This bill also contains a lot of provisions that are unfunded mandates on local school districts that are already facing budget shortfalls. I am urging you to oppose this bill that would be detrimental to our school system, teachers, and students.


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Contact your senator or house member here:

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  1. Anon (to protect my wife)

    Hopefully people read this. I’ve been wanting to comment for a long time and have TONS to say about this. I do not know how large of a comment I can write here but here it goes…

    My wife is a teacher. She teaches ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (remember that for later). I know what goes on. I’ve heard the stories. I speak from experience.

    My wife had taught at Title 1 and Non Title 1 schools. My wife has taught in low income (ghetto) schools, middle income schools and high income schools. My wife has also been on the Principal’s good list as well as “bad” list.

    The school system is out of control. The emphasis is not where it needs to be in too many situations. In each school there are, well like when you were IN school, cliques. The difference is that they are the Principal’s “good” and “bad” sides. The middle really doesn’t mean much because you end up on one side or the other. Principals will definitely give favored students to their favorite teachers. They will also give them the best rooms or equipment over other teachers. Principals play shady games with those they do not like; like changing the grades they teach year after year or moving them year after year. Teachers have to do all that work and pay for a lot of the classroom decoration. So if you change grades you have to purchase all new stuff. All new lesson plans have to be made; it really is a pain. The ink that has to be purchased etc. etc. etc. I could go on and on about how it takes about $400 to get a room ready.

    Troubled kids are not dealt with in schools which is causing other kids to not learn. See when a suspension is filled out by a teacher it has to be “signed” (read: approved) by the principal. Well the more of those that are filled out (trouble kids could really have one every day… I’m talking kids that throw equipment around rooms… just… kids that need to be SOMEWHERE ELSE) the worse a “school” and more importantly “principal” looks to “downtown” (read: the powers that be).
    Let’s just say that a kid that was under the age of 10 used very vile language at a teacher, threatened to have his brother and his “gang” (the brother’s gang… he was a known gang member apparently) to cause harm to this teacher. The teacher filled out a suspension that was “rejected”. Needless to say at least the kid was moved out of the teacher’s class into another class but the teacher almost quit over the incident.

    I can also tell you that in lower income schools (meaning the area that the kids are pulled from)… the kids get little to no help at home. There was no communication (or very little) between the teachers and students. I know that there are a few who try but honestly those are still the ones that are working 2 jobs and the dad isn’t around kind of thing and they try but it just doesn’t work.

    In contrast I know of a school that the PTA every year would give a questionnaire out to the teachers asking them things like “where they like to eat” and “shop” etc. Then teachers would get “gift cards” in excess of $100 in total to those places they put on the questionnaire. They cannot legally give them $$ but gift cards are OK. These parents are about 80% involved in everything the school does to the point where they actually annoy the teachers because they want to be too involved.

    So there will be no incentive for a teacher to work at a lower income school because they grade lower on average which would in turn lower the income of teachers that work there.

    The system is so broken. There are some things they could do to fix the school system. This is MY opinion and I have not shared this with many. I don’t know where my wife is on this because I haven’t asked her.

    1) Get rid of Tenure. There is no reason for it. There is no other job on the planet that I am aware of where less you doing something illegal/getting arrested, you cannot lose your job. This causes many teachers to simply “go through the motions” as there is no incentive to “improve” because there is never any risk at losing their job. So what if half the kids fail… they can’t fire me… RIIIGGGHHHTT!

    2) Schools need to be more adaptive. They are not right now… not what so ever. There are so many absolutions with “there are supposed to be x number of ESOL people for each teacher” and so a school that needs x+3 won’t have the help they need.

    3) Principal rotations. This one is simple. Just like most “at the top” people… there is corruption. They need to move principals around to different schools. Maybe stay at each school no longer than 5 years. Make then go to different level schools. I know some would argue that that wouldn’t be good to change but I say that is horse-pucky. It is doing no good to have the system we have now… corruption.

    4) External Evaluations. At all levels of schools there needs to be External Evaluations done. I don’t care if it is a random principal from another school that visits your school for a week to do evals or what. There again is too much corruption going on. If you are on the “bad” list you will get just enough mark downs to not make your bonuses etc. and if you are then things tend to get “overlooked”. Also the external evaluations for Principals need to be done by a completely different board because we all know that the corrupt ones will look out for one another.

    5) Support. There is little to no support for teachers. From everything starting with computers to needing that extra hand in the classroom. If a teacher has 3 kids that are documented as having X,Y or Z (learning issues) then they need an extra hand at different points in the day so those kids can get the attention they need etc. Also there is a lack of paperworking that generally does not get completed to get kids the help they need.

    That’s my list.

    I just had one more thing for you all to think about…

    last year all the teachers in Hillsborough County (maybe even state wide… I’m not sure) were forced to take 3 days off without pay. I believe this was extended this year (I didn’t ask) but how messed up is that. I understand that right now money everywhere is tight and other companies (mostly in the “support” fields) are asking similar of their employees but just think back to when you were a kid and how no work ever got done when you had a sub… BRILLIANT!

    I hope all of this fit. Please comment. And if this gets to Bubba and he wants to read this on-air or wants to get a hold of me…. someone comment with an email address and I’ll shoot an email there. I don’t know (for fear of losing her job etc.) if my wife would come on-air but maybe…. don’t know.

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