Schwarzenegger Open to Studying Marijuana Tax Idea

May 6th, 2009 by admin


Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says California should study other nations’ experiences in legalizing and taxing marijuana, although he is not supporting the idea.

He says it’s time to debate proposals such as a bill introduced in the Legislature earlier this year that would treat marijuana like alcohol. Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, a San Francisco Democrat, says taxing marijuana at $50 per ounce would bring more than $1 billion a year to the state.

Schwarzenegger said during a Tuesday news conference that “it’s time for debate” on the idea. But he warned against making harmful decisions just for the sake of raising money.

He said some other nations have had negative experiences. Ammiano’s bill is on hold in the Legislature. He delayed seeking approval until next year.

3 Responses

  1. Debbie Kaitis

    It’s about time that we see someone who has the …integrity to do what we all want done. Legalize save our economy.

  2. Doug Rinner

    I think anyone who independently actually took the time to simply google marijuana and find out the facts would conclude that it is a fairly harmless drug- most definitely less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco.

    But no, people would rather sit back, be ignorant, and go on what Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and their old high school health teachers used to tell them. These are the same people that need to smoke some weed to open their minds!

    Bubba is the man

    Doug, Lake Mary
    High School Student

  3. Rick

    It’s about time. Tucker Carlson stated on your show yesterday that the Florida economy was based completely on real estate. Well, here’s the chance to change that and to take care of the overcrowded prison system. I have a friend who owns a company that builds prisons for the government. His business is booming in this economy due to the unfair incarceration of pot smokers. So let’s see…we could take care of the economy and prison ovecrowding – it sounds like a no brainer to me

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