‘Saved by his rucksack’: The climber who fell 1,000ft of a mountain – and stood up

February 1st, 2011 by Staff

www.dailymail.co.uk – Those who watched in horror never expected him to survive the dramatic 1,000ft mountain fall.
But not only did Adam Potter apparently cheat death, he then somehow managed to get to his feet and stand up.
It is claimed the climber then took out a map from his rucksack to work out his location, before being rescued by the crew of a Navy Sea King helicopter.
Mr Potter was finally winched to safety and taken to hospital where X-rays revealed the 35-year-old had three fractures to his back. He also had whiplash and a bruised face.
His apparent survival defied all the odds, his astonished rescuers said.
As he continued to recover in hospital yesterday, the amateur climber spoke of his extraordinary brush with death and insisted he would press ahead with plans to conquer Everest.
Mr Potter, who was climbing with his girlfriend and two others when he fell, said: ‘I reckon I hit the side about half a dozen times altogether on the way down. I don’t remember much of it, but I must have gone in all directions – head first, feet first, on my tummy.
‘I’m pretty sure my rucksack saved my life. It stopped my head hitting the ground. I looked in my bag later, and my saucepans were all dented and my food supplies were all smashed.
‘I remember that, on one of the cliffs towards the end, I’d managed to lose some speed. When I reached the lip and saw what was over it, I just thought, “That’s it”.’
Mr Potter had just reached the summit of the 3,589ft Sgurr Choinnich Mor mountain, east of Ben Nevis, Scotland, when he is said to have lost his footing at 2.30pm on Saturday.
He, his girlfriend and their two friends were ‘Munro Bagging’ – the aim being to climb all of the listed Munro mountains in Scotland which stand at more than 3,000ft high.

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