Sack Tapping Becoming a Problem

June 1st, 2010 by admin

Bullying has apparently risen to a new level of atrocity nowadays in what’s referred to in schoolyards all over the nation as “sack tapping.” Suffice it to say that the “sack” referred to here is not a paper bag Mom packs a lunch in.

A boy from Minnesota underwent emergency surgery to remove his testicle after being the victim of this terribly painful “game.” While changing classes in Crosby, MN, another boy attacked him and punched him in the testicle. Hours later, he woke his mother up at 1:00 am; he was in excruciating pain by that time.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Dr. Scott Wheeler, a urologist, operated on the boy, removing his testicle. According to Fox News, Dr. Wheeler stated that the practice has gotten out of control; he told reporters that he performs 3-4 surgeries a year due to sack tapping.

Although demonstrations of this kind of potential testicular homicide are wildly popular on YouTube, we’ll save you the trouble of looking it up: it’s played by randomly “tapping” a boy with one’s knuckles and a flick of the wrist, and is apparently fairly popular among athletes across the nation. (

Apparently, there are variations on the theme of this horrific game, including “competitions” called “sack tap circles.”

Dr. Wheeler urges parents to warn their kids about sack tapping, because it has “lost its humor.”

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  1. 36yodude

    What is becoming of our youth now-a-days….. When did it become fun or humorous to punch each other in the nuts?

    I must be getting old!!!

    And just think…..these kids will lead this country someday.

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