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August 21st, 2009 by


The Joie of Seating, the world famous aluminum seat manufacturer founded by NASCAR Busch Series Champion, Randy LaJoie. Using our patented “Seat Sizing Fixture”, the custom fitted aluminum seats made by The Joie of Seating are the Standard by which ALL other high performance seats are Compared.

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  1. Dave

    WOW This kid needs to call randy and thank him! Randy rocks after this USAC and NASCAR should make it a rule to use head support!!!!

  2. Joel

    Man that was a hard hit!

  3. Dan

    Yep that was a rard hit. I have been threw a few of thoes. But every tim that one happes some dumby wants to require everyone to install more restraints and products driving the cost of geting to the track. There is all ready a rull tha requires a hawns divice. But know one is talking about the fact that it is braking ribs and punchuring lungs.Let the drivers decide what is safe or not. It is my head what right do you have to tell me what to do with it. If you really want to make it safe you should put the drivers in the stands and have the cars remote controlled. That or have them run it on play station and all the fans can stay at home and watch it on the web. Because them risked more driving to the track them the guyes on the track.

  4. Brandon

    Yeah Dan…You prove that you must have been hit pretty hard at sometime in your life…HAAHAA

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