Ric Flair Is Honored With His Own Commemorative Lottery Tickets (WOO!)

September 28th, 2009 by

Ric Flair is an icon among wrestling fans, not only worldwide but in North Carolina as well. He’s always appearing on the Carolina Panthers jumbotron, screaming something or another about not drinking and driving (WOO!) and he’s been known to show up at college football games and tailgates across the state.

And now he’s been honored with his own commemorative scratch-off lottery tickets, designed specifically to help the children of North Carolina become more smarter. Or something.

Lottery executive director Tom Shaheen said the ticket could help attract new players.

“We are always looking for ways to appeal to new players so we can maximize sales and generate as much money as possible for education.”

The tickets feature SIXTEEN different scratchy areas, which represent the 16 separate championship belts that Flair won during his career. So, yeah, that’s awesome.

Also awesome: the chance to win $100,000, which is the top payout for the Flair tix (on sale September 22, resident NC degenerates!).

Something else to look out for: me writing a post about “Top 10 Athletes Who Need Their Own Lottery Ticket,” because that’s just too much comedy gold to pass up. Or, alternately, good luck. Would you really not buy a ticket with Big Shot Robert Horry on it?

3 Responses

  1. Bubba Army Fort Myers

    Finally Ric Flair in something with a woman his own age

  2. The Masked Blogger

    Wooo! Was that some cheesy shiz or what? I guess Taco Bell changed there mind. And why did the 17 time loser decide that the Mr. Spock eyebrows was a good idea? I almost feel embarassed for the “Nature Gramps”,’cause remember boys and girls, to be the man you’ve got to…sell your soul for a few extra sheckels. Wooo! Wooo! Wooo! Wooo!

  3. Meatball

    I have to say that Ric has had better performances. As an icon for wrestling Ric was the man but part of it has escaped him.

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