Recordings released in Shakespeare murder case

November 29th, 2010 by Staff

Source: TBO — Greg Todd Smith sat in a car with Judy Haggins, talking about how their mutual acquaintance Dorice Donegan “Dee Dee” Moore had been handling Florida Lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare’s money.

“She immediately called me and said you have to stall him,” Haggins told Smith. “He can’t go to the bank.”

“What was she stalling him for?” Smith asked.

“It was some money she removed,” Haggins said. “It was a little bit of money for me, no more than $10,000, but … she didn’t want Abraham to know about the money.”

Haggins didn’t know it at the time, but the meeting, which took place in the parking lot of a Home Depot in Lakeland, was being recorded.

At the time, Smith was working as a confidential informant for investigators as they built their case against Moore, who was later charged with shooting Shakespeare twice in early April 2009 and burying him on property she owned with her boyfriend.

Investigators said Moore befriended Shakespeare, who received nearly $13 million in a lump sum cash payment after winning the lottery in 2006, then siphoned off more than $3 million in cash before killing him. For months, Moore tried to convince Shakespeare’s friends and family that the millionaire was still alive. Investigators say she even paid Smith to call Shakespeare’s mother, pretending to be her missing son.

The recordings are part of nearly 30 DVDs released today by a Hillsborough County Circuit Court judge. They contain interviews with Moore’s parents and business associates, interviews with Shakespeare’s friends, grisly crime scene photos showing Shakespeare’s mummified remains, and surveillance video of Moore purchasing items investigators say she would use to dig up Shakespeare’s body.

The DVDs contain evidence collected by investigators turned over to Moore’s court-appointed defense attorney, Stephen Fisher.

There are another 30 DVDs worth of information that have been turned over to the defense but have yet to be released because Fisher is objecting. They include interviews with Moore and her boyfriend, Shar Krasniqi, an undercover meeting with and surveillance of Moore, as well as meetings with Smith that were recorded. A hearing about those DVDs is set for Dec. 15.

On Jan. 27, as investigators were digging under a slab of cement on Moore’s property looking for Shakespeare’s body, detectives interviewed Haggins – who was given power of attorney over Shakespeare’s affairs on April 3, 2009, shortly before he was killed.

Haggins told them about an early morning call from Moore the night before in which Moore told her a confusing story about drug dealers breaking into her house, a fight breaking out and Shakespeare being shot dead. Then they pushed her to talk about Moore’s concern over Shakespeare finding out his money was missing. Unlike in the car with Smith, when she loudly professed how Moore was trying to hide Shakespeare’s money, Haggins was quiet and unsure of what Moore told her.

“I can’t remember,” Haggins told investigators. “Let me think on it.”

The next day, Shakespeare’s remains were found at 5802 Highway 60, near Plant City.

Moore was arrested Feb. 2.

Last week, prosecutors said they would not seek the death penalty against her.

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