Python Hunt Doesn’t Go As Well As Planned

October 30th, 2009 by

CENTRAL FLORIDA (wftv)– The state’s big python hunt ends Saturday, October 31, but it didn’t turn out as officials had hoped. Of the estimated 100,000 pythons slithering in the Everglades, python hunters only caught 37.
Snakes are even more common than alligators to Florida, but giant pythons are not from Florida, so wildlife officials opened a hunting season that didn’t go very well.
Joey Inherst captures snakes for a living for the Wildlife Patrol and has two of his own. He’s not surprised the hunt in the wild didn’t turn out as well as expected.
“Totally different game due to the fact that when you go to an attic with a snake in it, the snake is there. You have to search for the snake there,” he said.
A few weeks ago, a huge snake was turned in to Gatorland during an amnesty day after a 2-year-old Ocala girl was killed by a pet. But many snake owners have simply released their snakes into the wild.
“Giant pythons … they can be 18 to 20 feet and 600 pounds. That can kill about anything it wants,” Inherst said.
So, in the Florida wild, the non-native giant pythons have a nearly unlimited food supply and will sit dormant for up to a month digesting a big meal. With tens of thousands of them slithering around the state, the dangerous predators are something Florida might not be able to get rid of at this point.
“They’re out there breeding on their own. So I think it’s going to be a difficult journey for this hunt period,” Inherst said.
Currently, only the most experienced snake experts are allowed to capture pythons, which are then euthanized. The hunters are not allowed to use firearms or traps.

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  1. Rick Patterson

    I love snakes I think they are fascinating,BUTTTT I don’t think they should be pets as they are not trainable and really other than trying to be the big man and brag, just as Rottweiller owners do and Pitbull owners do< there is really no reason to have them.

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