Punta Gorda man accused of having sex with 18-month-old

October 22nd, 2009 by

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office says it’s an unthinkable crime. They’ve arrested one man for having sex with an 18-month-old child. They say the mother too will soon be arrested for performing sex acts on her own child.

59-year-old Glenn Marvin Nelson has been arrested and charged with Capital Sexual Battery for what detectives say he and his girlfriend did to her baby. “Having sex with this baby girl. She is now 18 months. And stating that they have had sex with this child since it was born,” says Sheriff’s spokesperson Bob Carpenter.

Detectives searching Nelson’s Port Charlotte home have found evidence. He is actually the property manager at the Villa Del Sol apartment complex. Nobody answered the office door Wednesday morning. The phone was disconnected.

Friends and neighbors in this small community say they are shocked. “Makes me feel scared of who is living next door.” Robert Ruth lives next door to Nelson and has two kids between one and two years old. “Somebody needs to shoot him probably.” But adding he was a nice guy who always took care of tenant’s problems.

Another neighbor Roy Stahl says he’s not sure he believes the accusations. “I am still not sure about if I believe it or not. It’s that hard to believe.”

“What I am saying is this is not true. I don’t know what else to tell you.” Tom Kiely approached ABC 7 saying he’s best friends with Nelson and also lives in the complex. He says Nelson would never do anything like what he is accused of. “No, no. I have grandkids. My grandkids have been around him. I know for sure. I have a 4-year-old and 7-year-old. He has kids of his own; a daughter and a couple of sons. No, not Glenn.”

But detectives say they have they proof: chat sessions between the mother and Nelson discussing having sex with the baby via webcam…photos on his home and work computer, too. “We have confiscated three computers. The mother’s computer we found chats and files, pornography of them doing and committing these acts.”

Kiely says the woman is not Nelson’s girlfriend but wants to be…that she has been stalking and harassing him. “It is revenge. I know for sure it is revenge. I can see the way things happen.”

Sheriff’s detectives say it’s one of the most disturbing cases of child abuse they’ve ever seen. “When you take something that has happened since the baby was born and both of them consenting to do these things to this child it’s rather disgusting.”

The Sheriff’s office announced it’s charging Nelson with 20 additional counts of child pornography.

The Sheriff’s office not revealing why the mother is yet to be arrested or how they found out about the alleged abuse. They say the child was taken into protective custody and has now been released to a family member.

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    That’s a DER DER DER if I have ever seen one!

  2. Eric Morgan

    Thats the worst thing ive ever seen. Blows the priest shit you guys talked about out of the water. Kill him Kill him Kill him

  3. TampaDriver

    Backwoods Florida scumbags. Reminds me of that sucker John Wineberger who was guilty of raping girls–but BubbA found out and nailed him on the show. NICE

  4. Kevin

    This has to be one of the sickest thing I’ve ever heard.

  5. CMozeikas

    Sounds like a job for “Clem Concentration Camp”,where he can be analy raped for 18 months, then burned to death! Power pig hello, I’m burning! If this happened to my 18 mo girl, there would be no due process, except for when I faced trial for his torture and eventual death. CMozeikas

  6. Robbie Pee

    These two are the reason why capital punishment should never be abolished!

  7. wayne

    these 2 should burn for this. just set them on fire and let them slowly burn to death.

  8. Teresa Schwartz

    I was listening to your show this morning and was very disturbed about what I heard about this poor 18 month old baby. This is why people used to have lynch mobs. I think the guy and the mother should be tied to a stick, beaten with 2×4′s with nails sticking out of them,, and caught on fire while everyone watches. While their skin is falling off put them out and let them lay in the street while salt is poured over their burns and then rinse the salt off with scolding hot water. Then everyone could take a vote to kill them or let them lay in the street and suffer until they die. That’s justice Bubba!

  9. skyangel1

    thechildrensvoicesforjustice is the name of the room, on meebo.

    This isn’t the only case that is like this. It happens everywhere, and this has to stop !

  10. Christine

    This is why potential parents should have to obtain a license in order to have children. You need one to drive, shoot a gun, even own a dog for crying out loud! Scum like this shouldn’t be permitted to breed. This is the most disgusting thing I’ve heard since the baby-highway toss.

    I love your show Bubba – and Ned’s songs (especially the Deer Deer Deer song) crack me up on my morning drive

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