Profits Over Patients: The Rick Scott Story

October 12th, 2010 by Staff

This rare two-minute long television show, dubbed the Fraud Files, details Florida gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott’s lengthy record of unethical business practices.

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  1. Martin

    Bubba: Congratulations on becoming the biggest panderer of partician politics. You spout Sink and Crist, which only makes you look COMPLETELY FOOLISH to your listeners. Those of us that are adults with brains (less than 2% of your listeners) know how to do our research and vote. As I am accutely aware of HCA and it’s past, you my friend are completely wrong on your assessment of BOTH Scott and Sink. Ask yourself these questions:

    Why is Alex Sink running on a different name? Why not Adelaide McBride? What is she hiding?

    Sink is against illegal immigration. Why?

    Sink supports a ban on oil drilling in Florida’s waters – spoken just like Obama!! Why? Does she support Socialism?

    On Sinks’ watch, despite 39 audits dating back to 2000 warning of risky, complex, unregulated investments involving leveraged funds, the SBA lost approximately one-third of the fund ($61.4 billion) between July 2008 and January 2009. Sink was on the Board….WHY?

    Crist, Sink, and McCollum have been severely criticized for not pushing for reforms or openness in regards the secretive, misleading practices of the SBA

    Profession Banker, Politician – not the credentials that the people of Florida are looking for – do you think? Just one more insider.

    The list goes on and on……but I bet you or your team remove this post before November 2………

  2. Martin

    Oops, forgot one:

    Sink voted with the governor and other Cabinet members to allow no-bid, bond deals for a financial underwriting team that includes her former employer, Bank of America. One transaction resulted in $770,000 in fees for a subsidiary of the bank and its newly acquired Merrill Lynch unit.

    And you think Sink is the best choice? You must be getting paid by the Sink for Governor Campaign.

  3. tony

    I notice when Bubba had a caller on explaining the SLEAZY no-bid contracts from Alex Stinks he hung up on him.It’s hard to corrupt a naive ”Bubba Army” when a caller starts using facts on the phone.With re-redistricting at stake,no one in there right mind should consider voting Democrat.We have seen what Obamanomics looks like and we don’t want it Mr.Bubba.Stinks will be a rubber stamp for the Obama Administration and those are the real issues facing America.The Left has no substantive issues to run on so they have to smear.But that’s no big deal for you having be a smut peddler your whole life.

  4. Pablo

    Rick Scott is a crook and a liar.

  5. Dave

    Are you new, Martin?

    “Why is Alex Sink running on a different name? Why not Adelaide McBride? What is she hiding?”

    About as much as Todd Clem is hiding — which isn’t much.

    “Sink was on the Board….WHY?”

    I suppose it was because Jesus wasn’t on the board, wasn’t it? He’s the only person I can think of who can magically make the stock market rise.

    “Sink is against illegal immigration. Why?”

    Are you FOR illegal immigration?

    “Sink supports a ban on oil drilling in Florida’s waters – spoken just like Obama!! Why? Does she support Socialism?”

    Socialism is when the government takes over all aspects of oil drilling, not when they say you can’t drill in some places.

    Stop giving an airtight skipole to Mark Ober and Rick Scott while mouthpumping Glenn Beck and getting it in the backside from MJ Kelli with a stepstool!

  6. JAy


    Boy U have some paranoid listener’s who REALLY have no IDEA
    about the candidates who run in this state.
    They just buy the PARTY LINE and don’t investigate throughly
    each person.

  7. Martin

    Not a surprise Bubba, that my second post was removed. Truth hurts? Do not want to present honest facts about how Sink is a bigger crook than Scott?

    Bubba, how much is Sink paying you for the advertising? Why does Rick Scott SCARE the great big Bubba?

    I expected you or your staff to remove my HONEST post, and you did exactly as expected.

    Sink / McBride is a crook and those with a brain know this. If the “army” votes for Sink, they deserve the wasted vote!!!

  8. Martin

    As an aside, lets set the facts straight. Sink supports illegal aliens and amnesty for the same. This will not fly in Florida.

    Sink is one of the professional politicians that you state are bad for Florida. Why is Alex McBride exempt from this position of yours?

    Can Alex McBride explain the 20 MILLION fraudulent payment that happened on her watch?

    The list goes on and Alex will be “outed” for the political goon that she is and her attachment to Obmama’s AZZ!!

  9. Staff

    @Martin Your conspiracy theory to stop your post is absurd

  10. Martin

    Thursday’s Daily Pulse
    What You Need to Know About Florida Today
    by Will Gorham
    CFO Alex Sink Licensed Ex-Felons to Sell Insurance

    At the same time Alex Sink tried to ban felons from selling mortgages in Florida, her own state office was licensing ex-cons in the insurance business. As Florida’s chief financial officer, Sink oversees about 527,000 insurance licenses in the state. Her office could not identify how many of those belonged to agents with criminal backgrounds. But the Times/Herald has identified at least 11 agents convicted of felonies such as grand larceny, fraudulent use of credit cards and writing bad checks who received their license from Sink, the Democratic nominee for governor. State law prohibits Sink from using a criminal history as the sole reason to deny an insurance license application as long as the applicant has met a list of other requirements. [Source: Times/Herald]

  11. tony

    proselytizing naive people is Bubba’s game to the weak in the community,the staff makes up the main stream of that constituency,therefore Martin makes logical sense to the followers ilk.

  12. Colleen

    Dave, please take a minute to tell me exactly WHAT socialism has to do with a ban on oil drilling????? Enthral me with your acumen, I beg of you-I’m sure it will entertain us all.

  13. tony

    Colleen / giving billions of dollars to Brazil and Mexico so that they can drill in dip water but we can’t is redistributing wealth?That’s your money and mine being taken and given to them to so they can spend the money on drilling.”SOCIALISM” And check mate to another Liberal.Happy November 2nd.

  14. tony

    BUBBA you should co-host the ”VIEW” your Politics and listens are equally the Morons.

  15. tony

    November 2nd Bubba’s crew will get the towel and wipe my ASS.Thanks

  16. Mark

    Vote Sink that all I have to say.

  17. Dean

    Rick Snott is a Crook and Liar!

    Why would anybody expect him to run our great state any differently than he ran HCA? And when he is done running our state into the dirt what is he going to do? Walk away. And we will be left with the mess.

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