President Obama agreed to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for all income levels

December 7th, 2010 by Staff

Source: WallStreetJournal — President Obama agreed to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for all income levels
Democrats in U.S. and socialists in EU have to stop their pursuit of socialism and high taxes.

I have to say that I’m sick and tired of “the wealthy” being vilified in our country as if they are evil. Socialists, liberals just don’t understand how an economic engine works. If our country and the world doesn’t have wealthy people to put money in banks, it doesn’t have new businesses to create new jobs.

If American doesn’t have wealthy people starting up companies, there aren’t jobs.
If your state doesn’t have wealthy people investing money in the community, there are no funds for start-up businesses, privet universities, hospitals, museums, arts and other landmarks. If this country continues to overtax its wealthy, they will leave for tax sheltered countries like the wealthy English people have done.

The question is. Do we all seriously want other countries like India and China to have all the wealth? That’s exactly what’s happening now. Why? Because in India and China, their leaders understand that capitalism and the pursuit of wealth creates great nations. Sadly, U.S. and EU was becoming more and more socialist trying to equalize everyone until we all have nothing.

How much more is a little more, would you like the top 1% to pay 80% of the taxes in this nation. Do liberals think it would be fair if 80% paid no income taxes?
People, where does this tax more it ends? A little more here and a little more there got us to half of the nation free-riding on the ‘rich’. Does it make sense to have half of the country pay no fed income taxes and yet vote reps that determine how this money is spent?

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