Police: Woman Offers Sex For No Ticket

November 23rd, 2009 by

BRADFORD COUNTY, Fla. (News4Jax)– A Bradford County woman who got pulled over for speeding is now dealing with more legal trouble than just a ticket.
Investigators said Becky Tillman tried to work her way out a ticket by offering sex to the officer who pulled her over Tuesday in Hampton.
The officer who arrested Tillman said when he went to her house to arrest her, she thought he was taking him up on her offer.
Hampton Police Department Lt. Steven Donaldson said the traffic stop was the most bizarre he’s ever made.
Donaldson said he tried to give the woman a $191 speeding ticket, and she pulled over but wouldn’t stop running her mouth.
“She would do anything for $191,” Donaldson said. “So you think about it yourself. What is anything?”
Donaldson said he knew what she meant, saying the two should have sex in the officer’s car.
“She said, ‘We could do it in the back of your car,’” Donaldson said. “‘We could do it in the woods.’ How could somebody do this to themselves?”
After giving her the ticket, Donaldson said the woman came back to try again. The next day, he stopped by to see her to make an arrest.
“This was her scheme. She said to fake an arrest to get her out of the house away from her boyfriend, and then we could go somewhere and then she would take it out and trade,” Donaldson said. “So when I showed up and put her in handcuffs and threw her in the back of the car, I think she was under the impression that that’s what was going to transpire.”
Tillman was charged with bribery and offering prostitution. Officers said while the woman was getting the ticket, there was a child in the back seat that was sweating because all the windows were up and there was no air conditioning.
The child was OK, but officers said Tillman is also facing charges for that.

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