Police officer charged in connection with Polk missing man case

January 26th, 2010 by

www2.tbo.com – The twists keep coming in the case of the missing Florida Lottery winner.

A Lakeland police officer was arrested Monday morning, accused of accepting money from a key figure in the case involving missing lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare.

Polk County deputies say that Officer Troy McKay Young accepted money to give Dorice Donegan “DeeDee” Moore information from law enforcement databases. Deputies say Moore has tried to make it appear Shakespeare, 43, was alive after he was last seen.

Young, 42, has been charged with unlawful compensation and misuse of confidential information.

Moore gave a $200 check to Young and bought a roundtrip ticket for his daughter to travel from Texas to Florida, said Sheriff Grady Judd.

“This is not an indication of them,” Judd said of the Lakeland Police Department. “It’s an indication of one person who made poor choices and poor decisions.”

Shakespeare was reported missing in November. He has not been seen since April.

Shakespeare won a $31 million lottery jackpot in 2007. Judd has said he thinks Shakespeare is the victim of a homicide.

No suspects have been named, but earlier this month investigators said Moore was a key figure in Shakespeare’s disappearance.

Moore moved some of Shakespeare’s money into her accounts sometime after April, sheriff’s office spokeswoman Carrie Eleazer said.

Deputies said Moore used Shakespeare’s cell phone to send text messages to his family and friends – after he was last seen in April – to make it appear he was alive. She paid one of his cousins $5,000 to hand-deliver a birthday card – with cash – to Shakespeare’s mother. She also offered to turn over a house worth $200,000 to someone if that person would make a false statement to law enforcement that they saw Shakespeare alive, investigators said.

Young met Moore, a business associate of Shakespeare, through a mutual acquaintance in August, Polk County deputies say. Moore told investigators she wanted to write a story about Shakespeare and wanted Young to corroborate information.

She said she paid Young for law enforcement services, according to the sheriff’s office. When Young talked to Polk County investigators, the officer said he gave Moore information about vehicle owners after she gave him tag numbers. Young used law enforcement databases to get the confidential information, deputies say.

Judd said that Moore texted Young asking if one of the tags belonged to a police officer. However, Judd wouldn’t explain her interest in the other tags.

Young was booked into the Polk County Jail on a $5,500 bond. Young, a Lakeland police officer since 1990, wasn’t involved in the investigation of this case, Judd said.

Young, who makes nearly $61,000 a year, has been on paid administrative leave since Jan. 10, Lakeland police spokesman Jack Gillen said.

“Troy did cooperate with the county’s detectives,” Gillen said. “He obviously is innocent until proven guilty. This is not consistent in any way, shape or form with the Troy Young that I’ve known for the last 15 years.”

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