Police: Man Stopped To Help Woman On I-4, Raped Her

October 30th, 2009 by

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. (wftv)– A woman was feeling so sick she pulled over along I-4 because she couldn’t drive. That’s when a man stopped and promised to help her. Instead, police say, he took her to a storage facility (see map) and raped her.
Police say they caught the guy in the act Thursday morning.
The woman had stopped on the side of I-4 right near 436. Then, police say, the man got in her car and drove her just a half-mile away to Assured Self Storage on Douglas Avenue. One of the worst things is the woman doesn’t remember a thing.

The victim has a medical condition that left her terribly disoriented and that’s why she pulled over. The suspect allegedly picked her up along I-4, came up the nearby exit ramp, driving only seconds away, to carry out his attack.

A gold Dodge minivan sat along I-4 Thursday afternoon, more than 12 hours after police say its owner, 33-year-old Winel Castro Molina stopped there. He pretended to be a Good Samaritan helping a stranded driver, but investigators believe he ended up raping the very woman who needed his help.
“That, to me, is a psychopath. That’s someone that needs to be put away from society,” driver Jill Anderson said.
“I believe this is a crime of opportunity,” said Robert Pelton, Altamonte Springs Police Department.
Altamonte Springs police say Molina was driving west on I-4 in the wee hours of Thursday morning when he saw his victim. She suffers from an undisclosed medical condition and had pulled over after becoming disoriented. Police believe Molina said he’d drive her home, leaving his car behind.
“I don’t believe she was targeted. She happened to be there, and he took advantage of that,” Pelton said.
Instead, police said, Molina drove her up the I-4 exit ramp to SR-436, around the corner onto Douglas Avenue and only about half a mile away to the secluded parking lot where police say he assaulted her.
“I believe it was a set of unfortunate circumstances that were able to be clumped together and led to an unfortunate outcome,” Pelton said.
Around 3:00am, Altamonte Springs police noticed the car parked suspiciously in the dark, idling, and say they saw Molina attacking his victim. She was still so disoriented she didn’t even know what had happened.
“The law recognizes that it is worse if you commit a sexual battery on a woman who is mentally or physically incapacitated,” WFTV Legal Analyst Bill Sheaffer said.
Sheaffer says Molina could spend up to 30 years in jail for the first degree felony he’s facing. It’s a charge that has been upgraded because of his victim’s mental state, a disoriented mental state that was readily apparent to investigators she talked to.
“That’s pretty strong evidence that he knew or should have known that she was physically or mentally incapacitated,” Sheaffer said.
Eyewitness News checked and found no criminal history for Molina in the state of Florida.
The woman stopped on a stretch of I-4 that you’d think would be safe, right at SR-436. Around 200,000 people drive that stretch of highway every day. But this incident happened in the middle of the night when there weren’t many people on the road.
There are also Florida Department of Transportation cameras in that area, but the state does not record on those cameras. They said they have so many cameras recording on them all is impossible.

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