Police Investigate Sexual Battery at Mosque

May 19th, 2009 by admin


Tampa Police have arrested an Imam of a Tampa mosque who they say sexually battered a 13-year-old boy inside the mosque.

Police arrested 35-year-old Yaser Mohamed Shahade on Sunday. Shahade is an Imam at the Masjid Omar Al Mukhtar mosque at 1307 W. North B Street.

Gasam Mustafa, a worshiper at the mosque, can’t believe his friend is accused of molesting a 13-year-old boy over the weekend.

“He can’t believe the allegations against him. We don’t believe that either. I don’t believe it,” said Mustafa.

Tampa police say the boy’s family called police to report the crime on Sunday. Detective say the victim was spending the night at the mosque when they say the attack occurred, although they won’t give any other details about the boy’s condition.

Police detectives interviewed the boy at Tampa General Hospital and hours later arrested Shahade at the mosque.

“Based on that information, they arrested someone who is actually in a position of authority and trust within that mosque,” said Tampa police spokesperson Andrea Davis. “That’s what makes it the most disturbing, that it’s someone who you trust, that you think your kids are safe with and unfortunately they weren’t safe,” Davis said.

FOX 13 spoke to worshippers who don’t want to believe the accusations, but realize the truth will eventually come out. As for Mustafa, he is standing by his friend’s side and visiting him at the Hillsborough County jail.

He’s also questioning the boy’s family for allowing him to spend the night away from home, unsupervised.

“I heard the kid spend the night over here and is not suppose to. I don’t know why the family let the kid spend the night over here. This is not a place for kids,” said Mustafa.

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    I agree with Brent that all Arabs and Muslims are animals. Brent loves the wars because we are killing all these terrorists who want to kill us for our freedom and liberty.

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    Hello Hello This dude looks like Gary Dell’ Abate

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