Police catch young men trashing hotel room after following their tweets

June 24th, 2011 by Staff

Charleston, WV – After partying for most of the night, police say a group of guys brought the party back to their hotel room, but that’s not really the issue with this story. The fact that they totally destroyed their hotel room and then tweeted about it is what landed them in handcuffs.

This group posted tweets and images on twitter of them peeing in the hotel safe, destroying the hotel mirror, leaving beer cans in the toilet and they all even struck a pose to show their work. So now what they thought was funny at the time, they are not so fast to brag!

Out of everyone involved police have arrested 8 and put warrants out the 2 others.

Police say they did about $14,000 in damage and are now facing felony charges, but don’t be so quick to think that these kids would cut back on the tweeting. Some of them have tweeted about being arrested and even some of their friends have tweeted out their mug shots.

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