People Having Sex In Cemetery, W. Palm Beach Residents Say

May 13th, 2010 by

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Some West Palm Beach residents said they’ve heard people having sex in a local cemetery, and police have increased patrols there.
Residents of Northwood Hills said they’ve heard the noises coming from Evergreen Cemetery after the sun goes down.
They believe the sounds may be a result of prostitution in the area.
Jack Ramsey said he sees cars pulling in after hours and girls later leaving the cemetery.
“It doesn’t surprise me that people have sex anywhere,” Ramsey said.
While West Palm Beach’s Parks and Recreation director said she’s heard the claims, she said they’ve never been verified.
But with people going in and out at all hours of the early morning, it’s obvious they aren’t visiting the deceased, Eddie Gonzales said.
“I know what’s going on, but it’s just like you don’t want to know, in a way, (that) it’s happening right in your back yard,” Gonzales said.
Meanwhile, police have increased patrols in the area to try to catch anyone having sex in the cemetery.
“I have called the police on numerous occasions, and they respond,” Ramsey said.
The problem, Gonzales said, is that the police chase them out, but they come back.
Ramsey said the problem extends beyond the gates of the cemetery.
“This is a problem that is embedded in the north end of the city,” Ramsey said.

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  1. brooke

    The most populated city in florida of rich old people says,
    (in old people voice)
    “those dang’em youngins fornicatin in our back yard.
    We have to lay in those plots next week. Why when I was a kid……”
    Where’s my shoes and my glasses..oi.

    are they sure they aren’t zombies?

  2. McNasty

    dam one of the best peace’es of ass i ever got was in my local cemetery…….. but that was with my baby momma………dam she was a freak…..oh too be young agine….hahahayh

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