Parents Furious Over Eustis Pastor Teaching Sex Class

February 9th, 2011 by Staff

EUSTIS, Fla. — Local parents are furious after learning that their children were taught hardcore sex lessons by their pastor.

The parents of the fifth-grade students at Faith Lutheran School in Eustis said the pastor crossed the line with a detailed sex education chat to children.

The school’s making him pay for and take a six-month counseling class in his own time, but the parents said it doesn’t erase the graphic images from their kids’ minds.

The parents want to remain anonymous to protect the identity of their children after they said the pastor stole their sons’ innocence. “It’s a naivety, as a parent, (that) I wanted my son to have as long as possible,” one mom told WESH 2 News. “That choice has been taken from us.” The parents said the students’ female fifth-grade teacher followed the curriculum and taught the girls where babies come from and about puberty, but the senior pastor took the nine boys in the class to the chapel for an unscripted and frank question-and-answer session.

“An adult man had no problem explaining explicit sex acts or terms to a group of 10-year-olds,” said one outraged father. “I was past furious,” said another dad. “We send them to this private school (so that) they’re sheltered. That’s the way it is. That’s what you pay for.” Some parents have talked to the pastor and the principal. Others said an e-mail from the school they received Monday is the only apology they’ve heard.

The church board of elders said it agrees with the parents, has reprimanded the pastor and is sending him to sensitivity counseling. “There’s a major problem here,” said one father. “He has no business being around kids.” Eustis police found no criminal wrongdoing, so WESH 2 News is not naming the pastor.

The pastor said he’s going to let the e-mail, which said he will no longer teach sex education, speak for itself. The pastor said he will still teach religion to the seventh and eighth graders.

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