one out of every six women struggle with an addiction to pornography

February 24th, 2010 by

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (FOX 30)– From magazines, to movies, books and the internet, porn can be found pretty much anywhere. Some experts say its not all that bad, but many agree there’s no doubt that people’s porn consumption can get them in trouble.

Pornography addiction is not only a male problem, one out of every six women struggle with an addiction to pornography. These women are teachers, attorneys, doctors and mothers, all hiding a dark secret.

Look at pictures online or in a magazine, those pictures are burned in their minds forever. The woman who spoke to us didn’t want her identity shown. She says, for her, the images of pornography gradually turned into addiction.

“In a soap opera, you see, if you’ve got a sexual addiction, [it's] going to be a turn on just to see them kissing,” she explains. “For me it can be a male voice.”

She goes on to explain her addiction.

“There are certain parts of the opposite sex, just [looking] at a man’s arms or just looking at features, these can be triggers.”

She had no idea the first few times she looked at porn with her husband it would lead to a lifestyle that would nearly destroy her family. The pornography led to a lifestyle of deception, mind games and lying that affected her whole family.

“One thing about pornography,” this mother says, “your biggest fear is being caught and unfortunately the kids found it in the house.”

Even then, she says like many addicts, her ability to think reasonably didn’t exist

Her porn and sexual addiction went on for 15 years. At first she thought that rush would spice up her marriage, and then she learned addiction can be deceptive.

“Its the pornography, you’re not making love to the spouse, you’re making love to the pictures you’ve seen.”

Her addition led to four sexual encounters outside of her marriage. She says she was raped twice.

“I could have been killed and no one know where I was.”

After the fourth affair, she turned to a recovery center for help and with the right help, she says its an addiction that can be stopped.

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