Olympics water polo wardrobe malfunction: Breast exposed on Spain competitor

August 3rd, 2012 by Staff

A water polo wardrobe malfunction at the 2012 Olympics. Credits: Getty Images

A water polo wardrobe malfunction happened at the Olympics Tuesday when an American competitor accidentally tugged at the swimsuit of a Spanish player, exposing her breast.

The NBC commentator said during the polo match that it was Kami Craig who grabbed the suit and exposed the athlete’s breast. As the 2012 Olympics air live, it’s been challenging for the network hosting the games to delay scenes that might otherwise require censoring. Underwater shots in polo matches show at times combative moves as teams knock each other around getting to the ball. Wardrobe malfunctions are rare, but it’s surprising they don’t occur more often.

See uncensored photo of water polo wardrobe malfunction HERE at Deadspin.

By viewing the underwater image, one has to really focus on the nip slip. Athletes are moving swiftly in the water and quickly adjust whatever issues with apparel they have. The London Olympics have cameras plastered everywhere, exposing more than even NBC would like.

Several reports write this has violated a number of FCC rules. It automatically brings back the wardrobe malfunction of Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl halftime show. The main difference was, the water polo incident wasn’t done on purpose.

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