Oklahoma police bust woman with loaded revolver hidden in vagina and bags of meth in her behind

July 9th, 2013 by Staff

After her arrest, Christie Dawn Harris, 28, of Ada submitted to a cavity search that turned up a .22-caliber handgun and bags of meth in a most unlikely place, cops say.

During a police cavity search after her arrest, Christie Dawn Harris, 28, was found to have both a loaded revolved and plastic bags of meth hidden in her nether regions, authorities report.

Cops found an Oklahoma woman was packing heat in her private parts after arresting her during a drug raid.

Police spotted the wooden handle of a Freedom Arms .22-caliber handgun poking out of Christie Dawn Harris’s vagina after bringing her to jail.

The revolver was loaded — with three live bullets and one spent shell in the case. They also found bags of meth stuffed up her backside.

The 28-year-old Ada suspect’s Toyota Yarris had earlier been stopped and searched, with officers allegedly finding meth, drug paraphernalia, a pistol and some ammo.

Being brought to jail, she told police she needed to go to the bathroom — and then claimed she was on her period so could not change into “prison clothes.”

Finally agreeing to a body cavity search, it was then that officers found the weapon and the bags of crystal meth .

Officer Kathy Unbewust said she “observed at that time a wooden and metal item sticking out from her vagina area.”

Harris, and an accomplice, have been booked on various drugs and weapons charges, reports Gawker.

Harris of Ada, Okla. was arrested while in a car with another woman, Jennifer Delancy, outside this Dairy Lou restaurant. When Harris got to the jail, she was searched and allegedly found to have some plastic bags of meth in the crack of her buttocks and a gun in her vagina.


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