Officer shooting suspect is former cop

August 21st, 2009 by

TAMPA – A gunshot rang out on Nebraska Ave. Wednesday night, marking the end of a violent and deadly confrontation.

“Forty people out here last night. All of us prayed, prayed for his safety, his recovery,” said Dan Julian, who works near the scene of the crime.

Cpl. Mike Roberts would not survive the violent struggle with suspect Humberto Delgado. Police say around 10 p.m. Wednesday, Delgado was pushing a shopping cart loaded with guns: an assault rifle and three pistols. After a brief fight and chase, detectives say Delgado pistol whipped Roberts and then shot him.

“The truth is, as tragic as this situation is, we’re probably lucky there weren’t additional police officers shot and hurt last night,” said Tampa Police Chief Steve Hogue.

Police say that after he shot Roberts, Delgado pointed an assault rifle at another cop, then ran to a nearby park where he told witnessess that he was being chased by police, asking them not to tell cops where he was.

“During this time, the suspect called his uncle and told his uncle, ‘I’ve shot a polcie officer. I think I killed him’,” Chief Hogue said.

FOX 13 tried to talk to Delgado’s uncle, but he elected to stay quiet. Another family member yelled at news crews to leave her house.

Records show Delgado briefly served in the Army in 2004 at For Bragg, but was discharged early due to a disability. Prior to his military service, police say Delgado was a police officer in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where he was once married with three kids.

Fox 13 contacted Delgado’s ex-father-in-law in the Virgin Islands, and couldn’t believe what Delgado was accused of.

“He was a good man, I don’t know if he changed or what changed him,” the man said by phone.

Neighbor Josh Ramquist used to go fishing with Delgado and says he did not appear mentally unstable, but rather in dire straits.

“I don’t think he was ill. He felt like he was getting boxed in, he had no place to go,” Ramquist said. “He had no where to stay, he wasn’t welcome anywhere.”

Ramquist said Delgado was recently homeless after his uncle booted him out of the house.

“I guess his uncle got frustrated, he was over there too long,” Ramquist said. “[The Uncle] told him [Delgado] ‘you have a month to get your stuff out and get your own house’.”

Now investigators will focus on a storage facility in Oldsmar, where they say Delgado rents a unit. Investigators plan to search it in the coming days. Investigators are also executing other search warrants but will not say where.

Delgado remains in the Hillsborough County Jail on suicide watch.

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    Look AT this handsome guy lol. My God I can smell him from my computer. I’m still lost on this one…why did he kill the corpral? He looks like Taz from ECW on drugs. Death penalty or mental house for this furball

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