Obama Poster Causing Controversy

September 28th, 2009 by

Drivers coming off of the Franklin Street exit off of I-95 are now greeted by President Barack Obama, and in a different way that you might be thinking.

“Wow, another new sign,” said Bradley Gallier.

The unique imagery of President Obama is already grabbing people’s attention, but not for the right reasons.

“It’s the first thing you see. This is such a poor representation of the city,” says resident Talia Miller.

The 10 by 20 foot sign depicting the President as the Joker hangs outside of Club Velvet, a gentlemen’s club in the hear of the city.

“You’re just using pop culture icon to make it so people will be like woah,” says Curtis Grimstead.

This isn’t the the club owner’s first attempt at using his building to make a statement.

“From the Princess Diana picture to the no taxes to this,” says resident Bradley Gallier.

The owner Sam Moore declined to be on camera but tells 8News he simply using the sign to make a political statement against big government and that it’s an expression of his 1st Amendment Rights.

“I don’t think the city should be able to take it down because it is his 1st amendment right,” says Grimstead.

“At the same time I think you have to consider the message that your media is sending,” says Miller.

Whether the sign stays or goes, it is definitely capturing people’s attention for the moment.

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    [...] comment: [Socialist?] “You could say a lot worse things about him.”Moore told Richmond 8 News via Bubba Radio: [he's] simply using the sign to make a political statement against big government and that it’s [...]

  2. The Masked Blogger

    Ooh, I’m sure he did that because he hates black people. Well, isn’t that the latest mantra from the Obama goose steppers? If Obama was white (or a Republican)we would have demanded more than a certificate of live birth. Now get back to mumbling ‘hope and change’ until you lose those three remaining functioning brain cells.

  3. Paul

    So, why won’t you show the picture of the building?

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