Norway massacre: Accused killer says ‘two more cells’ ready to strike; death toll lowered to 76

July 26th, 2011 by Staff – The extremist wingnut accused in Norway’s twin terror attacks warned during a closed hearing Monday that there were “two more cells” ready to strike.

Anders Behring Breivik said he had pulled off Friday’s stunning double attack in an effort to save Europe.

But he also claimed that there are “two more cells in our organization” prepared to stop what he believes is the Muslim colonization of Europe.

Breivik, 32, pleaded not guilty and was held without bail after the courtroom was sealed to prevent him from turning the hearing into a farce to air his anti-Muslim views.

Following the 35-minute proceeding, Oslo Judge Kim Hager told reporters that Breivik wanted to send a strong signal that the country’s Labor Party had failed Norway, but that it was not his intention to kill as many as possible.

In another development, officials lowered the death toll at the youth camp massacre outside of Oslo from 86 to 68, but raised the toll in the Oslo bombings from seven to eight.

Officials attributed the discrepancy to a double-counting of bodies in the chaotic aftermath of the camp shootings on a remote island.

The overall toll is now 76, down from 93.

Hager ordered Breivik held for at least eight weeks while the investigation continues – with the first four to be spent in complete isolation.

The prosecutor in the case said Breivik “seemed unaffected by what has happened,” and told investigators that he expects to spend his life in prison.

The unusual closed hearing came after Breivik had demanded he be allowed to appear at his arraignment in a uniform of his self-created Christian-crusader army.

Before Friday’s bombing and shooting rampage, Breivik posted a 1,500-page manifesto stating he believed Europe needs to be saved from Muslim colonization.

He said the killings were “marketing” for his ideas and that there were others in Europe who shared his views.

Prosecutors said Breivik read from the manifesto during the closed hearing.

While the court noted a need for transparency it said it was impossible to accommodate an open hearing “for practical reasons.”

Shortly before the hearing, a crowd that gathered outside the court cursed at and pounded on the windows of a passing car believing Breivik might be inside.

Breivik has confessed to being behind the bombing in downtown Oslo and the subsequent shooting rampage at a island youth camp.

Norway’s king and queen joined Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg in leading the country in a moment of silence Monday. Sweden and Denmark also joined in the remembrance.

The country’s royal court confirmed that Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s stepbrother, an off-duty police officer, was among those killed at the camp.

French police conducted a search of the suspect’s father’s home in Couranel in southern France.

Breivik’s father, Jens Breivik, has told reporters he has not been in touch with his son in many years.

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