No Sentence Long Enough for Pedophile Who Gave HIV to Two Kids

March 21st, 2016 by Staff


A convicted child molester from Houston has been handed a life prison sentence, after a string of sickening child sex attacks that left one minor and one toddler with HIV. The court was told how 33-year-old David Wilson had spent more than two years rapinga 14-year-old girl, along with his own 23-month-old niece – all the time knowing he was HIV-positive.

The predatory pedophile had already been sentenced to four years in prison back in 2005, when he was found guilty of sexually assaulting a child. Despite being fully aware of his HIV-positive status, he would go on to carry out more sickening attacks on two more children – one of which being one of his own family members.

Wilson was brought in on charges of super aggravated assault of his own niece – the toddler having been sent to Houston by her parents to live with family members. She was less than two-year-old at the time and was given up by her parents due to financial problems and drug addiction.

No Sentence Long Enough for Pedophile Who Gave HIV to Two Kids

What makes the story all the more heart-breaking is that after being repeatedly assaulted by Wilson, the little girl was diagnosed with chlamydia, genital herpes and HIV. She also had to endure major reconstructive surgery due to the horrific damage done by Wilson while her was raping her.

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