New York Deli Owner Pulls Gun on Robber

June 3rd, 2009 by admin

LONG ISLAND (WABC) — A Long Island deli owner pulled a gun on a would-be robber and then gave him cash.

Mohammad Sohail, who owns the Shirley Express, says a bat-wielding man entered the convenience store and demanded money on Thursday, May 21, just after midnight.

Sohail responded by pulling out a rifle. The suspect then reportedly dropped to his knees and begged forgiveness, blaming the tough economy for his turn to crime.

The Pakistani immigrant, who has been on Long Island for more than 20 years, put down his gun and gave the man $40 and a loaf of bread.

“He started crying,” Sohail told Newsday. “He was saying, ‘I have no money. I have no food. I have no job. I have to take care of my family.’”

Sohail told the man to promise he would never rob anyone again, and then gave him the cash and bread. He says that when he went to get the man some milk, the suspect fled the scene on foot.

Sohail then called 911. Police, who confirmed the account, say the incident is under investigation.

Still, Sohail told Newsday that he does not want the robber to end up in jail.

“I told him, ‘Please, don’t rob anybody again,’” Sohail told the newspaper. “I hope he learned something.”

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  1. eric

    Muslims should not allowed to be armed in our country. Let us never forget that day in September when these animals killed thousands of our civilians. Round them up and put them away. They hate us.

  2. lola

    Wow Eric you sound so f###ing ignortant in that comment! Shut the f### up.

  3. long island gal

    I think it’s okay if anyone is armed even if he is a Muslim as long as the person is capable of owning one (physically, mentally and emotionally stable). Every store is better if they have one gun to protect themselves against these kind of situations. For the robber, we’ll just hope that he won’t do this again.

  4. Erictheimbecile

    eric, I wish your father was armed with a condom, you racist a##hole. You’re despicable. You’re the one who hates, you bigot. That man is a credit to the human race whereas you are scum.

  5. itsjustme

    Hey Eric, I was just wondering if you could post a list of who you think is worthy of rights and who isn’t. It would save a lot of time and trouble if everyone knew. For instance, if someone is a muslim, jewish, or even just a little different from you(not a retarded dipshit), and they checked the list, they would not have to bother existing. Hey, McVey was white, as am I. He hated America. Holy shit!! That means I must hate America too. I didn’t even know. Too bad there isn’t an American muslim around to shoot me. I guess I better start plotting. You just take it easy for now, Eric. Go ahead and screw your sister,in the ass of course. You don’t want to get her pregnant. I’ll let you know when I am ready to destroy your way of life( jerking off, touching brain damaged relatives, general dipshit things). Thanks for your comments Knob Dick.

  6. eric

    I am shocked at what I reading from what I suppose are American citizens. Has everyone forgotten September 11th when 19 radical Jihadis directed by a man in a cave overpowered NORAD and killed thousands of us? During WW 2 we locked up the Japanese in internment camps, how is it different today. These people hate us because of the way we live and want nothing more than to kill us all. They come over here to gather intel for Al Qaeda and the Taliban so they can wipe us out and reunite the Caliphate.

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