New Program to Turn in Bullies

June 9th, 2009 by admin

TAMPA – The Hillsborough School district is about to make it easier for students to turn in bullies.

School leaders are set to announce a new program, ready to start in the fall.

It will give students more ways to report an incident of bullying anonymously.

Dr. Tracy Schatzberg, with the district’s Psychological Services department, said students need to know it’s okay to tell.

“What we’re really communicating to them is that abuse is something we’re not going to tolerate. And that’s something, when you’re talking about bullying, it’s pure abuse,” Schatzberg said.

At the beginning of the next school year, students can report the abuse online or through a complaint form. They can also still go to an adult to report the incident.

Emily Clark, who will be entering the 7th grade next year, said she was a victim of a bully.

“A lot of kids pick on you. They say really mean words to you. And it’s really mean,” said Clark.

She wanted to tell her teacher but was afraid the bully would find out.

“Sometimes I think about going to tell the teacher, but then I get kind of scared,” she explained.

She told her mother instead and her mom talked to the teacher – and the teasing stopped shortly after.

Emily thinks the new anti-bullying policy will be better for kids.

“I think it’ll help me a lot more next year if I just tell a teacher, what kids are telling me,” Emily said.

The plan also calls for administrators to investigate the allegation within three days of it being reported.

Administrators will go through training later this summer to recognize and resolve bullying.

If further counseling is needed, those involved will be referred.

This past school year, Hillsborough had 360 students reported for bullying, and that’s just the ones they know about.

Kids are often taught not to snitch on each other, but the district hopes this new plan will break that unwritten rule among students.

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  1. Zach

    When a kid reports bullying, he gets branded as a snitch, and the abuse gets worse. I think its a good thing that schools are taking the problem seriously, and trying to do something positive. I bully-proofed my son using a program called The Total Bully Solution. It’s a balance of psychology, personal development, and basic hardcore martial arts you can teach your kid at home.

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