New breed of python in the Everglades?

September 22nd, 2009 by

Miami, Florida — A cluster of python captures within a square mile in South Florida has wildlife officials scrambling to prevent a new breed from spreading.

Authorities are investigating the discovery of three African rock pythons in west Miami-Dade County over the past few months, including a juvenile and a female with eggs. The snake is similar in size and appearance to the Burmese python that has increased in numbers in the Everglades since the early ’90s, only considered much more aggressive.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission plans to send officers to the area where the snakes were found.

The spread of pythons, while not anything new in the state, has increasingly come into the public spotlight since an 8-foot Burmese pet python suffocated a 2-year-old girl in her bedroom in central Florida in July.

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  1. The new (and improved) breed

    Pay attention my soon to be ex Floridians because this is what we are capable of doing: jumping 45′ into the air, turning ourselves invisible, and killing a variety of animals (we’ve tried this on a small number of humans with a 75% success rate) up to 150 yards away simply by wishing them death. But we have decided to allow you humans to live on the condition that by the end of the year all of you move out of Florida and never return. And if anyone tries to attack us we’ll know about it because we can also read minds (not that there’s much to read with the typical Floridian, there’s more intellectualism reading a Dr. Seuss book.)

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