Ned’s Trike For Sale

April 22nd, 2009 by admin


Nedley Mandingo’s Trike….That’s right, Ned is trying selling his custom trike on eBay. Below is the info and link to the site.

Excellent Condition, Runs Great.  Custom made for Nedley Mandingo.  Screaming Eagle Package.

Custom tour pack with Luggage Rack & passenger Seat with arm rest.


Chrome & Gold  Visors on Front Lights.

13 Spoke front Wheel.

Pull back Handle Bar

Adjustable Chrome Front forks

4 ”Live to Ride” Engine Dress-up Kit

Chrome Battery Box top

Heel-Toe Shifter

Cushioned Hand Grips & Palm Throttle

“Live to Ride” Gas Cap

Kruzer Kaddy Chrome Cup Holder

Passenger foot boards

Custom Made passenger seat

Passenger Chrome Handles

Fender Decals

2.5 Cubic ft. Carpeted Trunk

And much more!

Click here to get all the in

19 Responses

  1. Jacksonville Mark

    Ned rides a customer tricycle:) I thought he was Mr.Stud, wow! what other toys you have besides your kit car?

  2. don't believe it

    don’t believe ned’s a real person. just a voice of someone else on show. bike not real either.

  3. John Cross

    Looks good but what is the reserve????

  4. Jax J

    I thought more of Ned…before seeing his Sportster Trike!!!

  5. tommyleadfoot

    what. is he going to trae it for a wheel chair

  6. Jigglay


  7. Jimmy

    I seen “Ned” and “Garnet” at Hess on US 41 and SR 52. They were getting ready to ride out on this machine. I realized it was them after I was in my car or I would have marked out.

  8. Jack Mayhoffer

    I partied with Ned at Sparky`s when he first got that trike

    then he hit me with a wine bottle…

  9. Patrick

    I had a shot of Jack with Ned at Whiskey Willies in Lutz. Ned is real. Damn real.

  10. The Collector's Dugout

    Cant believe Ned got negative feedback . He should try amazon , ebay is so 2006 . Amazon is the future . I used to sell my sports memorabilia on ebay and couldnt deal with the non paying bidders . Give amazon a chance

  11. Steve A

    I’m ashamed I thought I was a Ned mark. Sportster? might as well be e honda.

  12. Ha4dcore

    yea, I partied with Ned in PA off 81N. He was at a rest stop with Garnet. We took some shrooms together and went into the woods, when we met bigfoot standing behind a tree taking a piss. Bigfoot broke out some killer weed and fired it up, and I couldn’t believe it but 2 leprechauns jumped up with a bottle of wiskey. man we partied that night!

  13. Rachel

    I love Ned…he’s so awesome!!!!!!!!

  14. possumfte

    trikes are pussies and geezers, well at least ned is one of those categories.

  15. jo momma

    maybe fat boy would do better on that trike , it might be able to handel clems weight.

  16. freemason

    That is a honda with a harley package.

  17. Greg

    NED IS MANSON. If you haven’t fidured that out your’e not a bubba fan.

  18. DT

    That yellow makes Ned look real pretty.

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