Nanny accused of beating baby in her care

March 22nd, 2010 by

JACKSONVILLE: A nanny accused of slapping, kicking and throwing an 11-month old baby boy says she did it because she was angry with the parents. And it was all caught on camera.

The shocking abuse was caught on tape by Nanny Cam.

In the video, you can see 53-year-old Jeannine Campbell hitting the child repeatedly and at one point, even violently throwing him into his play pen.

The parents of the boy told investigators they noticed a black eye on one of their children eight weeks ago. And when Campbell couldn’t explain it, they installed the camera.

Campbell’s husband says the allegations are hard to believe.

Campbell faces battery charges on a child. She remains in jail on $75,000 bond.

8 Responses

  1. joe

    looking for a nanny? – Free Nanny Classifieds

  2. bob

    Like Bubba says, if i saw a person doing that to my kid, i would be the one ending up in jail.

  3. Patrick

    This video is disgusting. I wish I could have 5 minutes alone with that pig of a woman. What a coward to take out frustrations out on an innocent little child like that. Such a shame. I wouldn’t be as calm as that father talking about it. Like Bob and Bubba said, I’d be the one ending up in jail, and I’m sure I’d be aquitted for beating her. I’m sure she’ll get her beating in jail.
    God bless that little boy!

  4. Derf The Smurf

    This pig needs to die. Plain and simple. It’s on tape, you can see it with your own eyes. No excuses. Don’t care why. Anyone that would do that to a tiny, helpless baby needs to be gone from this world.

  5. Kenny B

    This bitch needs to spend the rest of her life in a prison, a maximum security prison, with the words “I ABUSED LITTLE KIDS ” tattooed across her forehead, no chance of parole, and no segrigation, leave this Troll in General population, Criminal activity deserves the worst Criminal justice, this time let the scum society has produced deal with this stupid bag of shit, just a thaught

  6. Jamie

    if that were my child, i’d be ding 25 to life!!!

  7. Jamie

    sorry… “doing” would be a better fit there.

  8. Secure Nanny Cam

    That certainly is a chilling video. Thank goodness the child is fine. In my industry, I deal with parents who feel a little guilty about “spying,” but there is certainly nothing to feel ashamed of when it comes to monitoring what’s happening in your own home, and especially with your own child.

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