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The father of missing Haleigh Cummings, Ronald Cummings, was interviewed by Nancy Grace on HLN on March 16, 2009 to plea for the return of his missing five year old daughter and to clear the record on some questions. Haleigh Cummings disappeared from her bed on February 10, 2009, in the middle of the night. Misty Croslin, Ronald’s 17 year old girlfriend was babysitting Ronald’s two children while he was at work. Last week, Ronald and Misty got married in a small, private ceremony and traveled to New York to appear on the Today Show.

Ronald Cummings and his mother, Terese Neves, appeared on the Nancy Grace Show for the interview. Following is a partial transcript of the interview, from HLN.

Nancy Grace: Ronald, as I see it, there are three main inconsistencies in Misty Croslin, now Cummings’, statement. Number one, when she called police. Number two – why she went to a bathroom far away from where Haleigh was as opposed to the one right there in the master bedroom. Possible, most significantly, an alleged inconsistency about where she was sleeping and where Haleigh was sleeping the night she was kidnapped. Let’s take that one off the top. What did Misty tell you that night, not later, but that night about here Haleigh was sleeping.

Ronald Cummings: She told me that she was sleeping in the, um, she and Junior were sleeping in my queen sized bed and that she as sleeping in the top bed beside her.

Nancy Grace: Now Ronald, how did it get so bass ackwards of them sleeping together in the same bed? Misty, Junior, your son and Haleigh. How did that happen? How is that miscommunicated?

Ronald Cummings: Ms. Nancy, I have no – no answer for you. I don’t know how it was miscommunicated.

Nancy Grace: Did she tell police, at any time, that she was in the bed with little Haleigh?

Ronald Cummings: I wasn’t there when she was questioned by police Ms. Nancy.

Nancy Grace: Okay. Here’s the next question. Why didn’t she call cops immediately when she realized Haleigh was missing? Explain to us the time line. What happened?

Ronald Cummings: I pulled into the yard. The front door was wide open. She was standing in it. I asked her what she was doing up. She told me that the back door was wide open and Haleigh was gone. I turned the house upside down. I told her to call 911.

Nancy Grace: And we have heard your 911 call. My third question. What has she – she explained it to you – why she didn’t go to the rest room in the middle of the night right there in the bedroom’s attached bathroom? It’s kind of all one big, huge master bedroom. Why would she choose to cross kitchen and go to a different bathroom.

Ronald Cummings: I don’t know Ms. Nancy. I’ve never really heard that side of the story, to be honest with you.

Nancy Grace: Now, you want to clear up. A lot of people are attacking you for going to New York for a honeymoon. Please, here is your chance.

Ronald Cummings: I went there for an exclusive with the “Today Show”. I did not go there on a honeymoon at all. It was not a honeymoon at all.

Nancy Grace: Has the theory that Misty left the home some time during night been disproved?

Ronald Cummings: I am not sure. I believe that it has, Nance. I am almost 100% sure, but I wouldn’t say that and lit to you. I’m pretty sure it has been disproved.

Nancy Grace: Do you believe she left the home and left the children alone, Ronald?

Ronald Cummings: Absolutely not.

Nancy Grace: What do you make of the potential custody battle that you are facing on top of everything else?

Ronald Cummings: I think that it is absolutely and utterly ridiculous. All it does is take the focus off my daughter being gone.

Nancy Grace: Now let me ask you this Ronald. Your wife – your former wife, – well, the mother of the children – hasn’t had custody in how long?

Ronald Cummings: She is not my formal wife Nancy. (Ms. Neves inserted that the couple was never married). It is the children’s mother. August the 17th, her second birthday is when I took physical custody of the children and I was granted custody of the children in December of 2005 and I do have the court paperwork to prove it.

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