Movin’ slow and steady: old-fashioned travel isn’t appreciated by all

April 10th, 2009 by admin


A man here has found a way to save money and reduce his carbon footprint by using less gasoline. His fellow travelers, however, consider him a pain in the rear.

If you drive around Mountain Grove long enough, sooner or later you’ll likely get stuck behind a donkey. It pulls Mark Hauck and his beloved dog.

“This is Sommer, the donkey; I’ve had her since she was six months old,” said Hauck.

Sommer wasn’t always Hauck’s means of transportation. That started about a year ago.

“I lost my license due to DWIs; it’s been suspended for a year,” he said.

His goal was never really to save money or, obviously, time, but a donkey is just about his only option. As it turns out, he doesn’t mind it.

“I see houses. I see trees that I’ve never noticed, see things in people’s yards,” he said.

It’s just everyone else who minds. Cars have to either wait behind him or fly around him on a road with no passing zones. Many don’t mind telling him what they think.

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  1. Prollolla

    What a pity!
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