Mother of murdered boy goes missing

July 2nd, 2009 by

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TAMPA – Hillsborough County deputies say they were forced to handcuff the mother of a murdered toddler after she became hysterical and belligerent.

Just before 10 a.m., the foster parent of Jasmine Bedwell reported that the 17-year-old was missing. She had been last seen Tuesday night at 8 p.m.

Early this afternoon, detectives caught up with Bedwell at the Kimmins Early Head Start Center on East 2nd Avenue in Tampa. But when a detective approached her, deputies said, Bedwell became belligerent and started yelling and screaming obscenities.

When Bedwell continued to scream and curse, the detective said was forced to take her to the ground, handcuff her, and place her in his cruiser so he could file a report that she had been found safe.

Bedwell was later released to her foster parent.

Bedwell is the mother of Emanuel Murray, a 4-month-old baby who died after being thrown from the window of a moving car in May. A former boyfriend of hers was charged in that murder, but Bedwell has announced she intends to sue the sheriff’s office social workers over the incident.

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  1. dan bolotin

    this woman is pure trailor park SCUM……

  2. PJF

    This ‘woman’ is the strongest argument for abortion.

  3. susan davis

    thank you bubba for saying what we all want to scream about this piece of trash.

  4. Joe Taxpayer

    too bad this bitch was too big to throw out the window. you are right on the money again, bubba! bubba rulz, mj sucks!!!

  5. Ken Coburn

    Ditto to Susan Davis. And keep Artie Lange off your show.

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