Mother, 12 children leave motel for new home

April 23rd, 2010 by

TAMPA – The din of room 168 at the Economy Inn on East Busch Boulevard occasionally drowned out conversation.

Twelve children ranging from teenagers to toddlers to infants spent the past week here, scrambling across the floor, bouncing on beds. With eyes filled with resignation on Wednesday morning, they were hungry and dirty and they wore the same clothes as the day before and the day before that.

Angel Adams, the mom, was asking for help, as the children rambled about the room. She was homeless and hopeless, she said. A relative paid for the motel room for a week, and after that, who knows. Her fiancé is in prison. Her 1-year-old is named John The Baptist Brown.

With measured indignation, Adams said somebody owes her.

By the end of the day, help had arrived.

Nick Cox, regional director of the Florida Department of Children and Families, paid Adams a visit and, standing outside the motel room with all 12 children present, offered a solution. He said there was room at A Kid’s Place in Brandon, a cottage large enough to house a family of 12. Wary of the offer, Adams agreed.

The lifelong Tampa resident said she wants justice from the Hillsborough County sheriff’s child protection team that took her kids away from her two years ago and from Hillsborough Kids Inc., which got her kids back six months ago.

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15 Responses

  1. Mark

    This woman needs to be neutered!

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  3. Bakerchez

    Give her help, if she agrees to the above!

  4. jeff

    or she needs a JOB

  5. Jim

    Boo Boo Boo Boobaly

  6. Bob

    This is the typical attitude of this kind of person, thinking that the tax payer or the state should pay their way and that they are not to be held responsiable for the current situation that they are in……..Have as many kids as you want the state will keep you up….Stupid BITCH……

  7. Jon

    Maybe this dumb bitch and Octo Mom should live together and collect money from the government. Our government allows this crap and then we as tax payers have to pay for it. This stupid bitch, states this is her “JOB” and she doesn’t know what she is going to do. I have an idea, “Remove your ovaries and stop straining the Florida governement CPS fund.” Hell now that Obama’s government has passed the Health Care bill, you won’t need to worry about that. Thanks Obama! I am sure this is exacetely what you wanted, every dumb ass in the US to be covered for having a shit load of kids and getting a free ride. When will this bullshit stop? These are uneducated stupid ass! Lets keep people like this on Wellfare, EBT, and any other government support we can, so she can keep her legs spread.

  8. StonedCanuck

    totally boobaly!! have fun supporting this bitch for the rest of her life……BOOBALY!!

  9. Bob

    This right here is whats wrong with America. Two things i especially take offense to are the facts that she thinks she just have as many kids as she wants and that even though she openly hates the government, she still expects them to take care of her ass! If she doesn’t have the means to support children, then she shouldn’t be reproducing. They should have taken the kids away as soon as the father was arrested for selling cocaine!

  10. FreakSmack

    DCF got it wrong with the quote “Children always are better with their biological parents,” what are they gaining from living with their mother???

    I’ll tell you, the only thing she’s teaching them is how to work for the guvment.

    DCF needs to take the kids, place them up for adoption, say they’re displaced Haitian orphans from the earthquake, and send them to live with rich people in Connecticut.

  11. J-Man

    her thang wasnt healed up good before she was knocked up again. her family paid the HOtel bill for a week cause they too were tired of 13 BOOBalies runin round their crib.

  12. sarah

    those poor kids…

  13. khalliah tolbert

    everybody makes mistakes so she can be forgiven. before the hki was involved she did everything to keep her kids together she just didnt go about the right way. obviously she wasnt taught certain things in life by the people who raised her. i give her credit for tryn but everybody needs help she shouldve ask fa help before it got this her get on her feet.let her take some type of classes to teach her the right way to raise her kids.god bless her and her kids.

  14. khalliah tolbert

    for all those who are sayn bad things about this woman.all of yall are so wrong instead of talking about her, who has some means of help for her hah anybody.if not shut up because u have all made mistakes in some type of way in ur lives it just didnt make the news.

  15. khalliah tolbert

    taxpayers,i am a taxpayer too but money is the root of evil while yall worried bout yall money. u cant take money with u so its really irrelevant. help the lady she can spend my tax money anyday.

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