Mom gives birth to 13 lb 2 oz baby in Methuen

February 7th, 2011 by Staff

METHUEN, Mass. — A local mother gave birth to a very healthy baby boy that was much bigger than your average baby.

At Holy Family Hospital in Methuen the nickname “Big Baby” has nothing to do with the Celtics star, Glen Davis. Around Methuen, it’s Jonathan Patrick Rozzi. He’s the big star with all the doctors and nurses.

He was born weighing more than 13 pounds just a day ago and his mom says it only took 10 minutes.

“It was definitely shocking to see him that big,” said Amanda Byron, mother.

It’s the first baby for Amanda and Eric, and both of them were normal sized at birth.

“Dad was a preemie and for myself, I was a little big but not extreme. I was only 8 pounds 2 ounces,” said Amanda Byron.

“I didn’t know how big of a baby till everybody started making a fuss and all the nurses kept coming in. Doctors kept coming in and when we put the baby in the nursery people kept coming and walking by the window and saying, ‘Well, this is the big baby.’” said Eric Rozzi, father.

Jonathan is 22 inches long, and with one look at his chubby cheeks, thick thighs and fat little feet and this family thinks being born near the biggest football weekend of the year may be a sign.

“Either a lineman or a linebacker, I’ll take that,” said Eric Rozzi.

“Maybe he’ll bring the Pats to the Super Bowl or something,” said Amanda Byron.

With a baby that size there is a risk of complications such as gestational diabetes, but Jonathan was born completely healthy and the family can’t wait to take him home.

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  1. Funny Videos And Pictures

    Bet that loosened her up a bit.

  2. Abby

    What I wonder is, was the baby born naturally (vaginally) or c-section?

  3. Johnny D

    Goodyear needs to make a set of tires out of her vagina and give them to Bubba. Just dont smok-em-up it mite smell a little funny.

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