Mom Arrested For Giving Child Pain Killer

November 18th, 2009 by

PALM BAY, Fla. (WFTV) – A Palm Bay girl had a tooth-ache so her mother gave her a prescription pain killer. As a result the mother has been arrested for child abuse.
The girl ended up in the emergency room because of the pill. She was taken to the hospital for dizziness and other symptoms, which is how police first learned of the case.
Dovie Milton didn’t have a rap sheet until now. The 42-year-old Palm Bay woman was arrested over the weekend for giving her 12-year-old daughter the prescription pain killer Tramadol, which was prescribed to a friend.
“It’s neglectful because she giving prescription medications to a child that it wasn’t prescribed to and there are dangers in doing that,” Palm Bay Police spokesperson Yvonne Martinez said.
Police say the 12-year-old girl came home from school complaining of a toothache. A neighbor gave her some aspirin. When the girl complained to her mom, investigators say Milton pulled out a pill bottle and gave the girl one Tramadol.
After cheerleading practice, the girl said she was feeling sick to her stomach and dizzy. A family friend took her to the hospital, told doctors about the pill and Milton was arrested.
“Well she made a stupid mistake, but I think they may be taking it a bit far. I’m sure she was doing what she thought was best,” resident Bonnie Edwards said.
“I don’t think you should give out narcotics by any means, but I think you would have to know what you were doing,” resident Katherine Klemm said.
Eyewitness News found only a handful of other cases across the country where parents have been arrested for giving their children prescription drugs. Milton now faces a third-degree felony charge. The Department of Children and Families is investigating.
It’s still unclear why Milton had her friend’s drugs in the first place.
She has bailed out of jail, but a judge has restricted her from seeing her child without supervision.

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  1. johnny d

    The mugshot should say it all in this case but here we go.Who does she think she is the OBAMA of medicine? you guessed it, research pile!

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