MJ vs. Bubba the Love Sponge verdict: MJ loses defamation lawsuit to Bubba

January 30th, 2013 by Staff

(WTSP.COM) TAMPA, Florida – A jury has sided with Bubba the Love Sponge Clem in the defamation trial between two Tampa-based radio shock jocks.

Jurors found comments Clem made on-air about his radio rival Todd “MJ” Schnitt and Schnitt’s wife Michelle did not defame them and no financial damages were awarded.

Attorneys for Schnitt told jurors Wednesday that Clem defamed Schnitt “out of sheer hatred.” Clem’s lawyer countered by saying that “context is everything.”

The jury deliberated for about three hours on whether Clem’s on-air statements about Schnitt and his wife, Michelle, were injurious before coming back with a not guilty verdict on all 24 counts.

Schnitt filed the suit, claiming Clem and his Bubba Radio Network defamed the Schnitts and incited Clem’s fans, known as the “Bubba Army,” to harass the family.

Clem testified that the statements outlined in Schnitt’s lawsuit were opinion, hyperbole, satire and directed toward a public figure, and therefore protected by the First Amendment.

The judge had previously dismissed five charges against Clem in the case.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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  1. KELLI

    I am so happy and relieved for you honey!! I hope you have a wonderful nite celebrating your well deserved victory!! I just love you!!!

  2. Stef

    Rock on Bubba!

  3. Jim Meyer

    Yea kick ass Bubba Army Bubba Army Bubba Army

  4. Tim Wilbur

    What a great ending to a very difficult 5 years for Bubba. I couldn’t be happier for him and his team. I can’t wait for the show tomorrow, it should be one of the best shows we’ve heard in a while. Congrats to Bubba and the boys!!! Keep up the good work.

    Bubba Army
    Los Angeles

  5. amy


  6. Nykei

    You should sue Schnitt for pain a suffering. Great job! Hope he leaves town now. How could he show that ass of a face in town again.


  7. Kimmi

    I am very happy with the verdict for Bubba, it was the fair and the right decision, not just for Bubba but for all those who make a living in broadcasting.

    Good job to everyone who was involved!!

    PS: Todd’s in timeout and no TV time tonight!!

  8. Mike

    Congratulations on your not guilty verdict.This helps in believing in our justice system. I hope you and your staff move on and keep me and others laughing and give us theater of the mind.

  9. Lou

    Congrats! Bubba Rules! Midget loses!

  10. gil

    YES!!! good to see the good guys win for once! maybe now Mr. Schnitt will learn money CANNOT buy everything!!

  11. Matt


  12. james

    It is all about the first amendment….congrats

  13. Debbie B

    Congrats Bubba! Miracles do happen…you actually won a lawsuit in Hillsborough County! And the best man won! I was elated to hear the verdict.

  14. Tito Garriga

    HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!Bubba congratulations!!!!i knew that lil punk was gonna get laughed out of court!!!watch hes gonna sue his wife kids the judge jurors and baliffs!!!!!love you guys!!!!!!peace!!!!!

  15. Greg Rosati

    As a fan of Bubba and what he does of course I’m very happy he won and rightfully so. But most of all it is a great day for 1ST Amendment Rights that a fair jury saw what was blatently obvious. This was more about trying to take Bubba’s “Free Speech” away and make the man pay for it too. I think this childish whiney MJ couldn’t handle the fact that he is talentless and not as entertaing as Bubba. I hope MJ gets sued by The Bubba Army for deprieving us 3 weeks of entertainment not to mention what he cost Bubba, his crew and Taxpayers. Now I need a Ned Ruling ::: When Manson gave Bubba that bear hug after the verdict I had a tear in my eye so is that Homo or No Homo????

  16. william

    now that this nonsense is over perhaps more important discusions , such a Burczynskis’ victory celebrated …as well.. ah cheers

  17. GOD

    Bubba, your a piece of SHIT and will rot in HELL!

  18. Keith

    Could the judge still declare a mistrial, even after the jury verdict??

  19. Mike

    I wonder if bubba can sue MJ for court costs.

  20. Rich M

    Yeah! I cannot wait for the street funeral. I only hope the Schnitt’s have to pay for all of Bubba’s legal fees.

  21. Todd

    Congrats to you Bubba and your entire crew. It is nice to see justice prevail. Long time fan.

  22. g money

    i knew the jury would rule against you……however, you finally got your due. Awesome speech on the 5:00 news. Keep up the fight, hopefully all the frivolous people in tampa are paying attention.

  23. Randy huff

    Yesss….. Just move MJ your done in this town, daily taunting will begin.

  24. Jerry from Baton Rouge

    Congratulations to Bubba and the BRN. Justice has prevailed.

    The trial should have never gone forward, and the jury got it right.

    Let the clowning begin!

  25. Robin Licitra

    Thank God this case was won , not only for Bubba but most important the First Amendment!! MJ is a big cry baby & deserved to lose this one. Hope he hides in his house now causes hes a LOSER!!

  26. Ed Negron

    I am very for you Mr. Clem!!!! Now on to bigger and better things. Love our show since I listen every morning going to work. Congrats

  27. Dan

    Congrats Bubba… you deserve it. I wanted to say thank you and Fuck Yeah. Can you believe this Shnitt? It was not a waste and wont be remembered as such. But what now?

  28. Joe

    The trial consumed me at work but was worth it!! We need to see the funeral in the streets for MJ soon. Congratulations from the radio 104 Hartford days in NC now.

  29. Raquel

    It’s going to be a great funeral!!!

    Next step: New prosecutor for Hillsborough County

    Congratulations to all citizens of American! Our freedom of speech was not taking away!

    Way to go “Bubba dream team”

  30. Sharon Angelilllo

    Good Job and well done! Congratulations to all of you – we believed in you!!

  31. Drew H

    Congrats Bubba! Good for you and your staff For not falling victim to MJ’s crap and allowing him to infringe on our rights as Americans.. I cant believe that guy is so stupid as to think this lawsuit wouldnt change his own career!..As the one alternate juror said .. Its time for MJ to put on his Big Girl Panties and get some thick skin… I have been listening since your power pig days and will admit that i wasnt crazy about the show then but when you came to 98 Rock I was hooked . I thought, now here is a show for us guys! Ive Been listening every since and enjoy every minute. I dont always agree with what is being said…But… I am MAN enough to realize its you and your staff’s opinion….. BUBBA ARMY!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOO HOOOOO!! NOW TO GET ME A STICKER AND T-SHIRT TO PROUDLY DISPLAY ON MY CAR AND MY BACk! I will wear it with Pride! Oh and tell Jay Diaco and the rest of your legal team.. Fantastic Job! keep on Keepin on!

  32. scott bertken

    congrats bubba and the boys well done glad schnitt got nothing and now everybody see him for the little man he really is a looser

  33. Mark Dufresne

    I’d like to say that justice prevailed here, but the cold harsh truth is that this should never have been even been in our judicial system. The judge should stand trial next for even allowing this mockery into his court room. Nice career ender for Phil Campbell as well.

  34. Dave robertson

    Good to hear the baby was put to bed and Bubba and crew can sail on and we can all enjoy good radio.Your friend from frozen Saskatchewan,Canada.

  35. cheryl

    CONGRATULATIONS! I’m relieved for all of you.
    Way to go.

  36. Ken D'Andria


  37. David Aguilar

    I am a listener out of Miami and I am so happy that bubba stood up for the freedom of speech I’m so proud to be a part of the bubba army family
    Bubba army for life.

  38. bruce

    one must be humble in victory as well as in defeat

  39. jeff

    M.j. Has been playing the victim card all his insecure life. He must not have gotten the memo that once you turn on that mike your no longer a victim, your a volunteer. Bubba Army!!!

  40. Don Magee

    Congratulations!! I sent several e-mails to your email address that I encourage you to read as I think you might like some of the ideas…Thanks!

  41. terri

    Contratulations Bubba!! Not only was this a great victory for you but for ALL Americans! Our right to freedom of speech is one of our most precious “national treasures” and this case proved through the jury that people really do value this privilege. Thanks for standing up for all of us!

  42. April

    I don’t always agree with your opinion, but I have always respected you stating your beliefs and standing behind them (right or wrong.)

    I am very happy for you, your staff and your family. This has obviously been a long, hard road for you all.

    You all deserve this win for not only you but the nation as a whole.


  43. Joel Petersen

    We are happy for you !!” Joel from Omaha . NE

  44. steven james

    Great news! What a kindergarden case to begin with. Come to air waves in Kalamazoo MI I miss the bubba show after Sirius. Tara sounds great in the mix

  45. Jay ft myers

    Congrats Bubba! and all true Americans !!! Thank god for true intelligent people of the working public. They have seen through the b.s. and have made a statement to all that we do still have some, very few, but some rights that the government cannot buy, bribe or steal from the people. God bless and thank you for standing up for people who cant always stand on there own.

  46. Mike Edwards

    Heres hoping MJ crawls back under his bridge and stays this time. Proud to be a bubba fan.

  47. Bernie

    I hope you sue him to recover Attorney’s Fees and Costs plus loss of revenue for all the time you had to be out of the studio before and during the trial giving depos, etc.

  48. John

    HELL YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Bernie

    Counter sue, and in Bubba’s words. Fat knot in the pocket, and stackin dollars.

  50. Peggy


  51. somej@ck@55

    Glad that the juror’s saw through the bizzull shizzit and the listeners can enjoy your show. Bring it on, Bubba

  52. Rachel Fratina

    Way to go Bubba we knew you would win. So glad its over congrats on you win

  53. Allan Flaitz

    Way to GO TEAM BUBBA! M.J. Schnitt is a spoiled, rotten, Little, Douche-Bag!

  54. Karen

    The more I watched the trial, the more I knew what the outcome would be. Schnitt is a greedy, egocentric fool, plain and simple.

    I’m happy for you and the crew, Bubba, and happy our country’s First Amendment is still standing strong :)

    Bubba Army!

  55. erik

    You know what you did you piece of shiz. I know why I don’t listen to you anymore.

  56. Luiz

    Major congratulations to Bubba, his legal and show teams, and the Bubba Army on this no-brainer (but still nerve-wracking) victory! Glad to know common-sense prevailed. Maybe there’s still hope after all… I can’t wait to listen to the show tomorrow. Have fun celebrating tonight! BUBBA ARMY! BUBBA ARMY!!

  57. NedHead

    A few of interesting things were affirmed throughout this travesty and misuse of our “justice system”:

    1. MJ is a sniveling, whiney, narcisstic man of diminshed height with pubic hair on his head.
    2. Phil Campbell tries to pick up chicks at bars that are clearly out of his league.
    3. Bubba has the Dream Legal Team.
    4. Brent made Schnitt’s attorney look like a buffoon.
    5. Michelle is a “public figure.” And a whore.

    Ned RULES!!!

  58. Mark

    Bubba love ya! Thank god or whatever that you won! I would have puked in my mouth and told my three year old we are moving to another country if you and your team lost! And by team I mean your staff and legal counsel hats off to all!

  59. ken f

    It’s about time this spoiled child/man MJ/Todd Schnitt grows up and starts to live in the real world and not the one in his spoiled small head.

  60. john

    mj should have to pay 100% of lawsuit, he lost and needs to be held resposible

  61. Anne

    Good job Bubba and team. Very happy for you!

  62. mike passero

    yahoo its awesome its over and bubba and us bubba army lovers score huge win so happy bubba your bull crap is over and its on to bigger and better stuff and nothing but the most respect and tons of success in your future endevours


    Congrats to all and to the jurors who got it- WELL DONE! MJ’s statement to the jury about the amount of money to be awarded so you could never do this again was out of line. He wanted to Bankrupt you and BRN. Nobody likes a WHINER! MJ fired the first shot with the Clown Act comment. What happens next? Is it ALL over since the JUdge entered the verdict. Your defense team was great. They should charge double. Hope MJ has to pay up. To bad you cant get some money from him for the Foundation.

  64. Eric Strid

    The verdict said “Not Guilty” not innocent. lol Loved your “Hi Mark” @ the end of the 13 interview.

  65. Terri H

    Congrats on the win and THANK YOU for not backing down and standing up for our first amendment. You’d think someone with a radio show geared towards news and politics would know about the first amendment…

  66. Rock boulder

    Hey brother just wanted to say congrats on winning today , looking forward to meeting you some day for a chicken sandwich brother

  67. Eric Strid


    It would be a huge insult if you crushed a Vette with a F-250 with the guys from Polk County for the funeral.

    NEHI 87′ Jay!!!

  68. Steve C

    Maybe if Schnitt can’t grow a pair he’ll buy a pair with some of the money he has left after paying the tab on this one. Might be time to buy Ripple instead of those $400 bottles of whine, oops, I mean wine.

  69. Mick

    Bubba…thank you, thank you, thank you.

    You’re no Larry Flint and MJs no Jerry Faldwell…but Id like to acknowledge that YOU were forced to spend YOUR money to reconfirm and defend MY/OUR 1st amendment rights.


  70. Erik

    I just want to congradulate you Bubba for showing that little man who’s boss. Way to go!

  71. William Ortiz

    Congrats on the trial to you and the guys. PS according to MJ I’m going to quit my job to be a true bubba army fan

  72. Donnie

    Bubba is still a piece of shit… still hacking off other Dj’s across the country.(Sorry Pinellas Park Bumfucks that you’ve never heard these shows before, but Bu(ttfuck)bba steals his material from jocks across the country. Ever watch Pawn Stars? The classy reality pawn shop show that gets ripped off by Hard Core Pawn? Same thing. We across the country make fun of you because you are stupid fucking rednecks who have never seen the real news. Eh, you’re in Florida so, what do you expect. Fuck Bubba the cum sponge…

  73. M Prewitt

    Congrats to Bubba and the BRN!!! You never know what to expect in a jury trial but this one got it right and I for one am glad. What a pathetic waste of time! Hopefully Mr. Schnitt will think twice before bring another frivolous lawsuit to court.

    Manson and Bubba’s embrace after the verdict was read had me giddy like a school girl! Pour it on BRN, pour it on!!

  74. David Roque

    congratulations! Thank you for all you do for your community but mainly for my brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement. it’s about time someone like you stood up to that little pussy and his wife big bird. Love your show.

  75. Brian

    Dear Bubba,
    Congratulations on a hard fought case. While you have been away these past couple of weeks, your team stepped up and knocked it out of the park! Tara did an awesome job keeping the show rolling. Brent is always entertaining as well as informative and Ned is…well he’s jus Ned. You’ve assembled one the best teams in radio and it shows.

  76. Jennifer Brown

    So happy for you. I hope you don’t mind but I was praying for you the entire time.. Relax and enjoy your friends and family. Remember the best revenge is happiness..

  77. Monica

    Finally! The nightmare is over! Shame on MJ for hiding behind the court system and dragging the First Amendment through the mud along with him. Kudos to Bubba for having the courage to stand up and fight for all of us and our freedom of speech. I know it wasn’t easy, but so many of us have been standing beside you all the way. If we all roll over and allow the Constitution to be twisted to fit the agendas of people like MJ then we don’t deserve the protections it provides us all. We must never forget this day and what could have happened had the verdict went the other way. Thanks for refusing to back down and fighting the good fight! I love you and everyone at the show who held down the fort while you were on thefront line. Keep it up!

  78. ian swqin

    hell yeah.

    long live the First Amendment.

    many blessings,

    Ian of Rollin’ Oats.

    keep fighting the good fight Bubba ( and Spice).

    Stop by my place…. lunch is on Rollin’ Oats

  79. J. Thompson Connerley

    I cannot believe that Todd Schnitt was allowed to tie up the courts with this kind of bullshit! All the years that he and his fellow on air people harassed people with fake telephone calls and pranks they pulled around Tampa and when it turned on him and people got tired of their crappy style of entertainment they cried “FOUL!” It is the way that America is headed and exactly why I moved to Germany, people are turning into pussies! You cannot say or do anything anymore without someone crying “They hurt me!’ be it Radio, Television, or a Print Ad! He is one of the New Age Pussies that are destroying that Country!!!!!

  80. Ray

    Congratulations Bubba!

  81. Timothy Zahm

    way to go bubba i had faith in the jury. love your show keep up the great work.

  82. Jim

    Way to go Bubba . that little pubic haired midget was really full of bullschnett , nice job brother.

  83. Dominick

    Congratulations! You guys are very inspiring. The way you guys stick together is awesome to see. With support of Brent, Manson, Spice, Tara, it is great to see you prevail. Can’t wait to hear you on Sirius. Hey Now!

  84. jeff

    Awesome news Bubba, no get to work on disbarring that prick Phil Campbell and the judge for letting all of this happen…guessing now mark “the dick “Ober is liking you even less…F@0k Mark Ober!!!

  85. BuddyLee

    Congratulations! You deserve this win… much success in the furure

  86. Daniel G.

    Where Bubba has always represented the “Get-r-done” or blue-collar middle-class Americans, Schnitt has always aligned himself with the divisive “Upper-class-Snobs”. This case has been a conspiracy by Mark “we can kill you” Ober and his Vette-driving divisive ilk to send a message that they are better than the average Americans. Thanks for our justice system to set a level playing-field once again. Jabber-Jaws for city Mayor! Cheers.

  87. Matt from Sanibel

    Can’t wait to see the MJ Funeral. Just heard about the offer for a custom-sized coffin. I think it should read “Schnitt Happens”. Congrats, Bubba.

    Now I wish I could listen to MJ just to see if he’s whining and getting greazed by callers. Fortunately, Sanibel is a little too far to listen to him.

  88. Todd

    Bubba and all involved, congratualtions on the fight against this lawsuit. It was sad to see this go this far and I hope that this can be a lesson to MJ and others who choose to sue over things that they can not handle. As we found out with this trial, we need to go back to grade school and all the quotes we have heard brought up. “Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it” is one that I did not hear among some that were said. Clearly MJ admited to dishing it out HIS way but no one else can.
    Bubba, I do not agree with everything you say or do or even how you say it or do it, but I respect you and your guys for the stance you take on everything and do not hide anything. You lay it out there. You are the Nolan Ryan of radio throwing the heat and daring someone to hit it. You got MJ to nibble at that hi cheese and came out looking like Robin Ventura and the great Nolan Ryan prevail!

    Bubba and the boys, I look forward to many years of listening enjoyment! BEst of luck to you and the crew!


  89. jim

    Other than Bubba being honest and MJ being a sneaky snake during their examinations I believe the closing statements by the defense lawyer being so factual won this case for Bubba. The prosecuting lawyer talking down to the jury lost this case. Since I do not trust lawyers to begin with *grin* the last thing I want is to have one verbally abuse me while I was doing my civic duty. That is what I felt the prosecuting lawyer did, brow beat the juriors. I felt his frustration at trying to win a case that had no merit to begin with.

    I hope this is the last of this issue.

    Congratulations Bubba and “team”

  90. Hey Load

    Hey congrats on winning a case for the 1st Ammendment.

    I can’t wait to listen to Todd on 94.3 WSC up here in Charleston, SC. and hear what he has to say.

  91. BL

    # 72 donnie aka dbag
    such anger, sounds like it may be time for ya to lay ya head back and “SUCK IT” no homo homo.

  92. Kirby Van Zandt

    Awesome! NOW…let’s run the midget out of town!

  93. Mark Ober

    Congrats on the big win. Lets go out and celebrate over a bbq pork sandwich.

  94. Paul

    You won for America! You stayed in and didn’t settle like the last guy. Bubba Army!!!!!!!!

  95. JR

    Congrats Bubba!

    Does the midget have any idea about the repercussions his lawsuit will bring to him? My guess is that his life will be a miserable hell from here on out.
    What a little piece of Scnhitt!

  96. Tommy Gunz

    “Stop Schnittch’n” hahaha Congrats again Bubba!

  97. Melissa

    I’m listening to cal head’s show, he has mj’s show going in the back round. Just listening to him complain abt how he lost makes me wanna bitch slap him! I’m glad you won. I know he is saying its not a 1st right case but it was! Shut it shorty you lost!

  98. Matthew

    Hahaha Schnitt HEAD!!! Get a Life you sorry piece of Schnitt!!! What a wasted piece of Schnitt you are!!!
    Bubba Army for LIFE!!!

  99. Matthew

    TEXAS supports the BUBBA ARMY!!!

  100. Aric

    Congrats Bubba! I would like to apologize to you for our legal system, all the hours and days you had to spend being deposed,tried and having to even worry about a frivilious suit which should have never even seen a day in court. Listened to the show non-stop every day in support. Your team did a fantastic job in your absence. Much Love. Bubba Army 4 Life!

  101. chris

    Bubby how about defending the 2nd ammendment, it’s under attack also, congrats.

  102. lee

    congrats bubba

  103. Wayne

    I was following the trial for a while and I remember most of the old stuff from ’08 that got MJ so pissed (making fun of him, Jabber Jaw, his Obama riot comments, etc), so I was really pleased to see that the jury was smart enough to side with you.

    I might not always agree with what Bubba says, but the bottom line is he has the right to say it without whiny little bitches like Todd Schnitt trying to sue because somebody called him a name. This was a victory for the first amendment, and I find it very ironic that MJ kept talking about damage to his reputation, when he’s now managed to piss off most of the greater Tampa area. He pretty much just blackballed himself from the radio industry.

  104. Shane

    What a horrible waste of your time, the court’s time, the jury’s time etc… At least that curly haired dwarf got shut down. I’ve enjoyed your show from the Power Pig days. Of course I’m glad you and your content have matured….kinda. I say instead of filing a lawsuit Schnitt should’ve challenged you to a boxing match…he may have gotten his butt whooooped but at least his dignity would have been more intact. I have never had anyone put a sentence together against my family or me that would make me cry like a kid with a skinned knee and head to the courtroom. I only react if a threat of harm to my family is made… Sticks and stones Schnitt. I just look forward to your overdue antics in retaliation.

  105. Eric

    time to start selling Bubba Army Pubic Fro Bonnets…

  106. Scott Byrne

    Bubba, Slayer and Tecate Light. Congrats Bubba. We love you and your team all the way from Phoenix Arizona.

  107. AZO

    bubba thank you for kick that midgit ass

  108. Tony D


  109. Jon

    Bubba love you, you big dick. Thank you for fighting for the men and women that, care for us, protect us , teach us and now for are right to free speech. Wow that little prick frodo owes one $1m in legal fees!
    Rock on

  110. Frank

    Congrats all the way from Michigan..Bubba keep up the good work miss you on satellite radio,,,,Bigger and stronger than ever.

  111. Ron Fiske

    Bubba and crew,

    Congrats broths….. You are the man! I would like to let you know that my whole family are everyday listeners. I am here to tell you that I take offense to the Bubba Army comments from MJ. I am not one that would put a sticker on my car or anything like that. It’s just not me! I will say this.. I am a professional in the Tampa Bay Area and worked for Fortune 500 hundred companies such as Suntrust and Synovus Bank. I remember being in training classes with the corporate trainers talking… Well laughing about your show. You guys are so funny and Mansons blue blood songs are sooooo funny man… The point being these professional corporate LADIES in the instructing us were long time listeners. So take that Mr M J Kelly! You make the show so personal we feel like we know you personally. I think that you do a great job connecting with your listeners as you are real. And I am only 26 years old my friend. Theses executives I mentioned were all in their mid 40′s. which goes to show that you have fans in every generation… Which makes you the Man… Hope you get to read this bubba.

  112. Ron Fiske

    Brotha *

  113. joe

    So glad see you prevail. Bubba army!!!

  114. Lou Sanis

    Congrats . That sniveling thick tongued know it all midget is a coward and hides in the court system instead of being a man.

  115. Rick

    Your the champ bro.And the looser whants a rematch.Iknow your wore down.But you got toget in the ring and beat him were it hurts.By countersueing him.You won,t be able to go off in to the sunset if you don,t.BUBBA you got to look at it if you don,t you won.t never be happy.I love you guys in a non fagnet way.

  116. Tyra


    Congrats on winning this case!! Your innocence was never in question. I have been waiting for a investigation into State Attorney Mark Ober his judgment in regards to biased treatment between to radio personalities have been crystallized for even the most biased back slapping good ole boy network. The treatment of 2 investigations into radio stints and the outcomes demonstrate a gross abuse of power. One resulted in the butchering and consumption of a food source another resulted in injury to a firefighter and a investigation of an independent regulated agency with recommendations that were ignored. Being against frivolous lawsuits I feel as a lay citizen you have been slandered, suffered mentally, emotionally, financially and professionally. I’m at a loss why this is not being investigated? I feel that this should be reported to a court outside of this state. While you are a public figure I can only imagine what other citizens have suffered from this State Attorney that is so comfortable with a gross abuse of power. Long Time Listener! ER RN and always happy to hear your show. You only get better with time !!

  117. Dude54

    The smell of victory, please come back to Howard 101. I really miss your show.

  118. Jim Smith

    Come back to Sirius. Even if its not on Howard. Any channel after 6-10 would be perfect 11-2

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