Mick Foley punched Bubba during last night’s TNA iMPACT

March 23rd, 2010 by

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Mick Foley punched Bubba during last night’s TNA iMPACT

138 Responses

  1. Jeff Jubenville

    That was GREAT!!

  2. Joshua

    He got Babba good, but it could have been worse. Two things helped. He was holding on to his shirt, and Babba was up against the wall, so Babba couldnt absorb the punch. Now it wasn’t a strait on punch, if any thing he missed, he went across Babba’s face more than a straight punch. Yes he did follow through.

  3. Bary

    Nice one Bubba! Take one for the team!

  4. Jay

    DAMN>>What no LAWSUIT!!!

  5. army kid

    You rock Bubba

  6. nate lee

    Holy Shizz Bubba got clocked… that board falling over your face at the end is PRICELESS! I’ve watched 10 tiems in a row and laugh everytime!!

    way to talk one for the team bubba!

  7. eric

    you got knocked the f out

  8. Linda Self

    Looks like Bubba got a “Socko!”

  9. terri

    bubba hope your ok. cactus are prickely (cactus jack) especially when they have been fired. you should of gone after him

  10. Torque

    Noooooooooooo Bubba! you should have ducked.

  11. Jason

    Holy Shiz!!!

  12. samuel hernandez

    bubba i love your show and what a fing hard as hit he gave you there there is nothing fake there

  13. edward williams

    Bubba that was one of the best hits i have seen anyone take. i did show on the local level from 1986-1991. nice job!!!

  14. bill

    WORK ? or RIB ?

  15. Terry Andrew

    I know its all fake but it looked like ol Mick really punched Bubba rite in the cocksucker……luv the show ,have a good day.

  16. Terry Andrew

    It does kind of look like Ned put a bunch of whore make-up on Bubba and he’s about to hit the street’s and ally’s……Now that’s a 50 cent piece……LoL

  17. Chris

    What a rib! Nice job though Bubba.

  18. Nickey

    Dude that was great and gave me a good laugh!
    Bubba got knocked the f out!
    Love you guys!

  19. billy

    wow, looked real to me

  20. Michelle

    Bubba, when are they going to let you get a cheap shot in on someone? I would love to see you drop someone!!! Keep up the great work, you guys rock!!

  21. Steve

    Damn dude that looked like it hurt…Hope all is well…

  22. TIM


  23. kenny

    Ok Bubba, the last time you were jacked up, it was by a girl. What is your excuse now? Great promo last night.

  24. chad

    it’s about time you paid your dues bubba!!! bravo on your first big rib! hogan is dead on target! keep up the great shows!!!!

  25. Bartos

    Go Mick!Why’d you stop there!He’s just going to crying to Hogan & sponge some more off TNA!

  26. Mike

    Fake – he didn’t even hit him with his fist – it was his forearm. And, it was more of a push than a strike.

    I love Bubba!!!

  27. linda's roastbeef curtain

    It would of looked better if Bubba would have have put up just a little bit of a fight kid.
    and the blood-pack should of been placed on the backside of his forearm. When that fake-punch was thrown it could glanced off his face and splattered for a real-life look and feel

    workit workit workit workit workit

  28. Cabledawg66

    I dont understand why are you people who seem to hate on Bubba keep coming back to his site? If you dont like him or the stuff he does then get the F%$*K out! Damn these guys give us so much and you Dicks cant even stop to say THANKS! No its all about how fake it is or how Bubba crys and wines. F you haters leave we wont miss you nor do we want you! BTLS Rocks!

  29. Paulie Beernuts

    What a bunch of marks.
    He obviously did not really hit him..it’s part of the story line.
    Watch the video…he does not hit him….bunch of dopes.

    It is not real…LMAO

  30. Phx Jack

    About time you took a bump! This is the best way to get you on the show. You can be the heel announcer type. The heat that you had as soon as they cut to you was priceless, the crowd really hates you.

  31. snowfighter

    need a tag match bubba and ned vs foley and any sugestions

  32. truckinchippewa

    hey bubba i was watching it with my 11 year old daughter and shes always commenting how fake wrestling is but she could’nt believe that really happened i hope ur ok.

  33. patrick

    funny as hell how many people would love to do that to bubba..love the show

  34. mjlovesbubba

    Fake big time and anybody who can’t see this is either under the age of twelve or a complete moron.

  35. Kabraxxus

    Foley is good :)

  36. Dick Bukaki


  37. Dick Bukaki

    the jobber make up person went way overboard for just 1 punch. give us a break.

  38. Lance

    Damn, Mick stiffed ya good. Looked great on TV, and developed the “fired” storyline, and since some people think you deserved it on/off camera, why not use the heat. TNA better appreciate you taking one for the team.

  39. a chay

    good acting bubba! – although you should have told your make-up guys in the back that you got hit on the right side of the face. because your “mug-shot” shows all the blood and black eye on your left side lol.

  40. Randy Savage

    Bunch of marks.Bubba rolled with the punch…… Good make up job to make it look legit.. Bubba is a pussy who had is ass kicked b a woman …

  41. rich

    Dude, you folded like a house of cards hahaha pretty TOUGH!!

  42. Mike

    powerpig, I’m Bleeding

  43. Matt

    That’s taking one for the team Bubba. Hope that was your test from the boys because that was a shot.

  44. Don


  45. Jaise

    Spice has wanted to do that for years.Why couldn’t it have been MJ?

  46. Proof

    Wow!Thats good stuff there,I cant stop watching it.That’s how you commit to a role.Real funny shiz.U rock dude.

  47. Jim- Spring Hill, Fl

    I know it was a work but boy did it look stiff.

  48. Vincent

    Bubba You got Konged!

  49. Kevin

    When he grabbed your shirt you looked like you were gonna shiz in your piz!!
    Very funny!
    Hogan SUCKS!
    Your show and Stern’s are the best.

  50. Juicer

    That definitely looked real to me. Only question is did he clip you with his fist? It looked more like a forearm shiver that flattened your nose. Fist, forearm, or elbow, you got smoked! Never watch wrestling but tell the clowns at TNA I’ll be tuning in from now on only cause of Bubba, you rock hoss!

  51. Awesome Kong

    That was for Haiti!!!!!!!!!

  52. Bella

    First of all, let me point out that Joshua is a moron. It’s “Bubba”, not “Babba”. It’s all over the f#$%ing website, moron, get a clue.

    Secondly, holy shizzzzz!!!! Bubba, I hope you’re feeling better, that looks like it hurts like hell. Kudos to you for coming in and doing a great show this morning. Here’s to hoping that you get to be the one doing the punching next time :P Keep up the good work, hugs from Hollywood, FL!

  53. James

    Bubba you keep saying that tha guys in the back don’t like you… Pretty obvious since you been punched in the face by two different people in the short time you been there. Maybe have 25 cent go to TNA instead. no-one will attack the black man. haha great show guys

  54. Richard Head

    I am calling shenanigans on this work!!!

  55. john

    bubba, you are the man what a way to take a punch

  56. Farlin

    Bubba is going bizald is or is just me?

  57. joe


  58. shawn

    it was the elbow not the fist.

  59. WILLIE


  60. Tuesday, March 23, 2010 | Bubba the Love Sponge® Show

    [...] Stories: Mick Foley punched Bubba during last night’s TNA iMPACT 3-Year-Old Girl Killed in Alleged Carjacking Unruly Airport Passenger Fought Police New tip leads [...]

  61. Derek

    I don’t think calling it a punch does that any justice…more like an elbow to the face, shoulda been a dick and kicked him in the knee…not a rib that was the real deal…

  62. Norma Stitz

    Bubba’s so fat he bounced twice after hitting the floor

  63. Rod Stiffington

    The emt’s fed Bubba 10 McCheeses and he was good to go


    What a work. Funny how that sign falls over him, covering his face as the camera zooms away at the sametime. WORK WORK WORK WORK

  65. Tony Wildcard

    Your not in Kansas anymore Bubba! OUCH!

  66. JJ

    I love you to death, but the red make up on your face looks just like well, red make up. If you were swallowing blood, don’t use your teeth on Hogans unit.

  67. madvillebirdman

    Glad you took it like a man.
    Who said sue Mick? You only sue when your trash like the little mini-shrimp MJ Kelly.
    Keep up the great entertainment guy’s!

  68. Dude Love

    Bubba, Have a nice day .

  69. Jordan

    It was described on the radio show as a straight on punch. I may be wrong but it looked like he tried to hit Bubba with a forearm in the side of the face. He missed. It was a solid shot. Either way, that totally sucks. Must have hurt like a bitch. Sorry Bubba. Use this spot to set up a Mick Foley v. Bubba Hardcore Match if you want some ratings.

  70. eric

    why do i feel like quoting chris tucker right now?

  71. Todd in Miami

    Micks messing with the wrong guy. Everybody knows Bubba can take him. Take it to the ring. Put Hulk there in the corner.

  72. tim

    Rib or not, Bubba got his fat ass kicked!

  73. Jared

    And down goes the Fat Greasy Bastard! Bubba went down faster than the damn Titanic!

  74. tucker from canada

    WOW! Your getting too old for this shit Bubba, good job none the less!!

  75. Kevin

    totally a rib. bamboozal as usual. he got hit by a piece of paper u dumbass.

  76. koboss

    wow bubba you took one on the chin… to bad your fancy glasses got smashed… will hootie pay for those as part of the shute..
    this place is bullshit, im outta here.

  77. Ralph

    Bubba I have never watched any wrestling until you got involved with TNA. My wife and I tune in everytime you are involved.You are a brillant marketer and entertainer.We are lucky enough to here the terrestial show.Out of Ft.Myers..I have 4 Sirius Accts.For your show And when your not on.Alittle NASCAR. Will follow the show wherever you guys go. Loyal Ft. Myers Fan. Thanks! Ralph

  78. Ned

    Ha Fat Boy …… what the fuzziz happened ? Did you slip over you Droopy Ass

  79. DANIEL

    awesome job bubba. keep it up

  80. Allstar Posse

    Video looked good Bubba, the still pic looks a bit over the top. Must say good job though. That has to give you some cred with the boys in the back.

  81. nick

    jesus bubba talk about taking a hit nice work…. no shoot

  82. ron mccarthy

    mad props to ya buba your worth your weight in diamonds . foley hits like a girl

  83. Alex

    Bubba I love u in a non faggot way but everytime I see this I bust up laughing

  84. Mauricio Flores

    i think its a work.

  85. Alva

    where is the slow mo version Bubba promised?

  86. AJ

    WORK!!! after ur comments on the show that u were shooting this was a big disappointment. bad acting but good story for the show. way to work kid keep it up

  87. F

    See, Bubba knows how to work.

  88. Doob

    Looked like he ment it.
    “Learn how to work kid.”

  89. Tim

    Just shows how uncoordinated Mick Foley is. This shoulda been a rib, but the dumb galoot made it a shoot. You’re the man Bubba.

  90. michael

    Nice work bubba. looked great. it is good to see that they are giving you some more things to do on tna and that it was a good learning how to work for ever one

  91. tom

    wtg mick so many of us really would like to do the same to that no talent fat bastard. proud of you

  92. Leif,Norway

    Good one,Mick. Hope this is the last time we see you in TNA

  93. NY T.J.

    Bubba is a good dude. He steps up to help out Hulk and is chumped by Nick.
    Well, at least Nick did say he was “sort of” sorry. Bubba rocks….so does the rest of his crew.

  94. greg

    Bubba, it was fake! Nice try

  95. john

    bubba, love you in a fag way

  96. Gary

    fake fake fake………watch it again……he hit bubba with his forearm……

  97. Dan

    Bubba, why is your right eye blackend when you got punched on the left side.

  98. MJ KELLY

    I know your weak spot now Bubba, I’M NEXT………………….MJ KELLY

  99. Steve

    Fake as Ned’s phoney phone calls

  100. BillyBobJimJoeJacksonThe3rd

    0:28 LOL

  101. rockin914

    Bubba never let go of the microphone.

  102. Itchy balls

    Bubba!!!! how can you let TNA job you out like that?? I know it is all fake.. but TNA continues to make you look stupid time and again.. when are you going to quit marking out to hogan and have some respect for yourself???

  103. steve z'hills

    looked like mick got you with a forearm jones good thing no double bluejay up the backside. i think ned ought to give you the hook up so juicy friut can give it big kiss to make it better. i listen everyday you guys kick motherfn’ ass and that ain’t no shiz with a z

  104. Dangerous Goods

    Make’s me wanna start watching wrestling again LOL

  105. firebubba

    thank god for dvr i watched it over and over in slow motion and i saw the pic later lmao, TNA!!!!FIRE BUBBA THE LARD SPONGE!!!!!!ALL HE IS IS A HOGAN MARK AND HE PROBABLY SUCKED HIS DICK TO GET THAT JOB IN TNA!!!! HE’S A CHEAP, FAT, NO TALENT HOWARD STERN RIPOFF

  106. Andre the giant

    Good hit on the chin there FATBOY!!! KInd of like MJ hittin you HUH? Gettem NED!!!

  107. Andre the giant

    Mick Foley has more talent in his MR SOCKO that ole fatboy has on the radio.

  108. Jim

    Can’t believe people actually watch wrestling!

  109. Dustin

    clipped by an elbow at best, im calling shizz

  110. milton

    That was great ,should of hit him a couple more times.NED RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. Bobby

    That was a great segment. Bubba definitely knows how to work!!

  112. mike

    I wish bubba would have got up and kicked that ugly f**ker’s ass!!

  113. Alex

    Bubba and Glen Danzig should have a knocked-out contest, check it out on utube

  114. josh

    Worst makeup i have seen in a long time…thus why they havent posted day after shots. It is wrestling u morons.

  115. todd clemb

    you had it coming to you prick

  116. ermo

    you had it coming to you fing prick

  117. Infamous steve

    That is what Jason Ellis is going to do worse then that you fat over grown pile of monkey shizzzzz HAHAHAH HONK HONK

  118. Brent DSMF

    That punch was as FAKE as Bubba is..

  119. Brent DSMF

    That punch was as FAKE as Bubba is..TF

  120. Brent Dicskrmothfer

    That punch was as FAKE as Bubba is..TF

  121. BOBBV


  122. Domenick

    What am I doing wrong here? There is no video, just a black square where the video should be playing.

  123. Ray

    I’ve seen Godzilla movies that looked more real. What a joke.

  124. Travis

    As much as I wanted it to be real I watched in slo-mo and at :28 seconds Mick completely misses with the punch and only catches Bubba on his fat cheek.


  125. JESSI

    I LOVE U BUBBA!! Who gives a crap if it was fake or real?Why does everyone have to analyze every little thing
    bubba does? I enjoy your show & will miss it if u leave sirius. I dont watch wrestling, but i will if you’re on it. NED RULES!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Lou

    Foreman shot was sweet! Bubba deserves an award for the flop!

  127. Lou

    Forearm shot was sweet! Bubba deserves an award for the flop!

  128. Fronk

    Bubba is what TNA needs. You’d never seen Mean Gene get taken out like that !

  129. HBK

    “Well dont let the door hit you in the ass old timer!!!!”" TNA is nothing but old timers


    Nasty Boys, Jimmy Hart, Bubba. TNA is all Hogan rejects



  132. judgegixxer

    LoL. I didn’t think I’d ever see such a big promo cut on Bubba! Looked like Foley was trying not to laugh over the deal when he grabbed the mike. Thanks for the laughs and whens the Calgary date? I’ll drive 14hrs to go.

  133. jared

    haha fat ass

  134. Tony the Tounge Teaser

    Bubba’s the Man!!!!!!!! LMAO!

  135. tluv

    So fake. You got hit with his forearm. Jobber.

  136. dave

    bubba needs to go to stunt man school…Foley pulled that punch extremely well but Bubba didn’t take it correctly

  137. pup

    well i can say i have hit a few people with a forearm shot like that and just to let you know you fell just as quick as the crack head who tried to sell some to my son
    so good work love the show in a non faggot way hit me up

  138. Celio

    bubba loco que uma mula.apanha demais

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