Miami-Bound Flight Has Body Fall From Wheel Well

February 19th, 2010 by

MIAMI (CBS4) ― An Amerijet cargo plane that was placed in isolation after a man fell out of a wheel well in Santo Domingo, was cleared in Miami Thursday night. The incident happened around 1:45 p.m. aboard flight 840.

The flight had just left Santo Domingo when the body reportedly fell out. Miami-Dade Police and Miami International Airport law enforcement checked the aircraft for clues related to the incident and also looked for more stowaways. None were found.

The plane was placed in MIA’s so-called penalty box, which is where planes that pose a security danger or other anomalies are placed for processing.

Aviation expert Jay Rollins spoke to CBS4′s David Sutta about the chances of survival for stowaways in such situations. They are extremely slim.

“It’s an insane thing to do,” said Rollins, “because there are so many way to die.”

“You’re talking 80 mph, your hand is feeling a great deal of pressure outside a car window, and at 160, typical takeoff speeds, you’re talking four times that pressure,” he said.

About 15 minutes into the flight you’re in a minus 40 degree environment, plus you deal with the lack of oxygen. You also run the risk of the landing gear crushing you when it is stowed inside the well.

Dominican authorities have not released the identity of the body.

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  1. Dr Bond

    I hope this information of wind speed and temperatures is printed in Santo Domingo papers so the people who are potential stow aways can make an informed decision.

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