Mentally Ill released inmates

September 24th, 2009 by

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – When mentally ill inmates are released from prison, where do they go? For some, it’s motel rooms paid for by the Department of Corrections. 12 On Your Side has one woman’s plea for help following her brother’s release from Greensville.

Chad Neblett is schizophrenic and a registered sex offender. His sister says DOC dumped him at a motel with no medication. If he doesn’t get help, she believes he will attack someone.

We saw Chad outside his room at the Snow White Motel on Jeff Davis Highway. We asked Chad how he got here from Greensville Correctional Center.

“Did I get a ride? Don’t mind me? Don’t mind me?” Neblett said.

Confused, he couldn’t say.

Between the high of being free.

“I was happy. I was so itchy to get out I stayed up all night.” Neblett said.

And the low of his sometimes deranged mental state.

“The devil had his chance. He missed it.” Neblett said.

He’s got his sister panicking.

“He hears the voices, they tell him to do things.” said Fraierson.

Salena Fraierson wants to prevent her brother from becoming Johnny Hughes. The homeless schizoprenic stabbed a 70 year old woman to death as she walked her dog in 2007. Johnny was not taking his meds. Like that family, Salena says she can’t get Chad the help he needs.

“Someone help my brother today. Not tomorrow, today, because we’re all at risk. Even me, I’m afraid too.” Fraierson said.

Rather than put anyone on camera, DOC emailed a statement acknowledging Chad has serious issues. They are reviewing every legal option and will maintain intensive supervision until a resolution is found. But Salena says corrections dropped the ball.

“They released him but he was without medication. They put him in a hotel room. Little food, no clothing.” said Fraierson.

Salena says it was she who complained and his meds were FedExed from prison. She made
more calls and Chesterfield probation put a monitor on the registered sex offender’s leg.

“So we can track his movements, so he won’t be walking around the city unsupervised.” Fraierson said.

See what happens when we approach the motel management about it’s arrangement to house ex-cons. That is part of our 12 On Your Side investigation coming up new at 11. We’ll also have some resources for the mentally ill.

Meantime, Chad was moved out of the motel, today. He’s now in Madison house, a group home in Richmond. He told me he was falsely accused of begging for cigarettes and bothering motel guests.

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  1. Deborah Harrington

    Hi, I was reading your article,I also have a mentally ill son in Richmond Virginia Jail,My son has schitzophrenia and dissappeared from Syracuse in april,2009 It’s hard to find him because of our laws,not knowing if my son is dead or alive,I contacted the jail to let them know that Mark was sick they put him on zyprexia then release him with no follow up or medication and ends up back in jail usually for tresspassing,my son is sick and jail is not the place for him. I miss him so much, please help me. God Bless Debbie Harrington.

  2. salenaneblett

    Dear Deborah I was blessed to have this website in my life of trying to help Chad. I post under Sometimesicry so pleas visit it. You can go there make a post and they will help you I promise. I also go there to vent my frustration. I feel your pain and I have been where you are Much Love Salena Neblett-Fraierson…I will continue to pray for you and your Son! Pleases pray for Chad and I….

  3. salenaneblett

    Deborah send me a note at black planet or send me an email at

  4. salenaneblett

    Go to Siblings thats where I go on and I use screen name sometimesicry so if you want to read my post….Thanks for bringing this story to light…..

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