Meek, Greene make their final case

August 24th, 2010 by Staff

TAMPA – In his final push for Florida’s prized Senate seat, billionaire Jeff Greene made a quick stop at Alessi’s Bakery in Tampa.

While he hop scotches around the state on election eve, his message hasn’t waivered.

“I’ve been a jobs creator all my life. I will get jobs get results, get this housing crisis resolved once and for all for the people of Florida,” he said.

Despite lagging in the polls, he’s optimistic that undecided voters will choose him on election day.
“I predict we are gonna win. It’s gonna be close, it’s a competitive race.

Greene has been criticized by his opponent, Rep. Kendrick Meek, for trying to buy the election with his deep pockets—but Greene says that’s not the case.

“I’ve worked hard for everything in my life. You know, I started with absolutely nothing and lived the American dream, and I’m going to go to the Senate and fight for the people of Florida,” he said.

During his 15 minute stop, Greene met unemployed worker David Holley, who lost his job at Verizon eight months ago.

“We need a change,” Holley said. “He’s the type that will bring change; he’s not an insider.
He’s got experience, he knows how to get jobs. When you make a business from nothing, that shows me something.”


The latest polls give Rep. Kendrick Meek a lead over bitter rival Jeff Greene, but in the hours leading up to the primary election, Meek says he’s still campaigning like he’s behind.

On the eve of the Florida primary, Congressman Kendrick Meek hit the airwaves, taking questions from callers and the Bubba the Love Sponge radio crew.

On whether he’s just another Washington insider, as opponent billionaire Jeff Greene insists, meek pointed right at Washington.

“Even in the Democratic nomination, as we march through that process, it wasn’t a full embrace by the establishment in the beginning,” Meek said.

The tables have turned for the south Florida Democrat, with rising poll numbers and heavy weight endorsements.

Still, he is outspent six to one by Greene.

“I’ve been the David in this race all the way through and will be David in the general election. I believe with that kind of spirit we’ll be able to come out on top,” Meek said.

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