Mayor: Quit Smoking or You’re Fired

April 20th, 2010 by – First, Brooksville officials cracked down on employees who didn’t use deodorant or wear underwear, which sparked debate about whether they were infringing on workers’ personal choice.

Now city officials might crack down on employee tobacco use — both at work and during their personal time — by requiring them to quit smoking after one year. The proposal would also disqualify for employment anyone who admits to the habit.

During Monday’s 5:30 p.m. meeting at City Hall, council members will consider a tobacco policy that forbids smoking or chewing the substance on city property, in city-owned vehicles and personal vehicles that are on city property or are being used for a city function.

The policy applies to city employees and the public alike.

For employees, they would have one year to quit using smoking or chewing tobacco or face disciplinary action that includes termination, “Depending on the facts and circumstances of each infraction.”

Employees could also pay to participate in a smoking cessation program on their own time.

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  1. wendy

    Wow!!! I cant believe this is actually happening so close to home. #1. What anyone does in their own time is their own business. I am not a smoker, but I do not believe that any one should be able to make choices for you. If smoke gets to be to much for me I get my ass up and move. The cigarette only lasts for a few minutes and its not worth the head ache from arguing with someone.

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