Marine says priest came on to him

November 13th, 2009 by

TAMPA ( - The Marine reservist charged with beating a visiting Greek priest insists he was the victim of an attempted sexual encounter from a man he thought at first was homeless, and then perhaps a terrorist.

Appearing Thursday morning on the Bubba the Love Sponge® radio show, Jasen Bruce claimed that after Father Alexios Marakis inexplicably found his way into a gated, private parking garage Monday night, the priest got sexually aggressive with him.

“[I] turn around and there’s a man standing not two feet from me. I thought he was a homeless guy about to ask for directions, but not a few seconds went by, he reached out, grabbed my genitalia,” Bruce said. “He proceeded to say, ‘I want to F you.’ That was the only English he said.”

Bruce says he was on the phone with 911 the whole time as the priest kept coming at him — and he fought back with a tire iron from his open trunk.

“I gave the guy a warning when I was on the phone with 911, told him, ‘Do not take a step closer.’ He took a step closer, so I defended myself,” Bruce continued. “This guy did not even flinch.”

Once police arrived, they handcuffed the priest. And, Bruce said, the officers even let him help search the priest’s car.

“They let me search the car with them as they were joking around about the items they were finding. They were finding robes, religious-type material. Then there was a suitcase in the back, this is where the ‘Allahu Akbar’ thing came from. The police looked at me and said, I’m not opening this, looked at the other police officer and said I’m not opening this, and said let’s call the bomb squad,” Bruce recalled. “Then I said, ‘He said some Akbar-type stuff’ and they started laughing, and one of the cops says, ‘Do you know what that means?’ I said, ‘I know it’s what they say before they blow you up.’”

There was nothing but religious material in the bag, said a Tampa police spokeswoman.

“It’s not true, his credibility was in question from the start. He also told us he was going to Iraq in January, but his reserve unit denied it,” stated Laura McElroy.

Bruce said his lawyer has interviewed a number of people who were in the parking garage Monday night, and the implication is strong that Bruce believes those people are backing him up.

Meanwhile, the 28-year-old reservist also denies intimations of homosexuality. He’s married, he said, and fitness photos taken years ago were hijacked on the internet.

“The websites that have my picture illegally hijacked [them] from the Z Productions websites, and they are currently investigating a lawsuit against these gay web sites that stole my pictures,” Bruce insisted.

Father Marakis has declined to speak publicly about the encounter. So the case may come down to what was recorded on those 911 tapes, along with surveillance tapes from that parking garage — evidence Tampa police say they’re not ready to release until their investigation is complete.

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  1. Morley

    Good for you jason…. Any real man would of done the same thing

  2. Anthony

    From the first interview it seem that TPD is trying to bouch this investigation even more, because god for bid something is said against a priest.

  3. Jim Botsford


    The media feels free to spin a story any which way they want to make for sensational news. I wouldn’t call it news any longer. It’s infotainment only.

    The marine sounded credible. But there are always 2 sides. It will be interesting to hear what the witnesses, police, and the 911 tape have to say.

    Brighton, MI

  4. aspacegirl

    My dear God! I hope and pray that this is not the way Tampa police handled this situation. In a way, by being so ignorant themselves they have made this a pretty solid HATE CRIME case, with their help. If these statements are true, they to should be brought to justice! I find it interesting that SCUMBAG himself says: “This guy did not even flinch.” when refering to the PRIEST. Big Man beating up someone who is not even trying to defend himself. I can’t wait to watch this jerk go to jail! Now he realizes he really screwed up, so what is the best thing he could come up with….hmmm….oldest trick in the boook…he touched me. May God have mercy on your soul!

  5. Peter

    There is much more to this story than Jason Bruce alludes to. I listened to the police report and entire chain of evens on 88.5 talk radio today. The priest was lost and followed cars into a gated community in hopes to finding someone to get directions from. Mr. Bruce assaulted him with a tire iron when the priest touched his shoulder from behind him to ask for help. The 911 call even has Mr. Bruce calling him a terrorist. Get your facts straight Bubba. You are wrong about this, just like you are wrong about the dangers of children vaccinations. I have lost a lot of respect for you as of late as you don’t thoroughly investigate the topics you discuss. You are starting to sound more and more like main stream media that loves to sensationalize news stories and events for ratings.

  6. Sgt K

    There is no way this kid would have hurt anybody without being provoked. I have known him for years and it dosnt make sense. and who calls 911 on themselves as they committ a crime?

    looks like a cover up on TPD and the church’s end to me. They let him search the car? WTF. They obviously thought he was very innocent and trust-worthy then.

    Bruce, next time just let the dude molest you. I guess thats what we are supposed to do.

    SF brother

  7. Philip Rpbert Batt;es

    Jasen Bruce has been a good friend that I met through his daytime job at a Specialty Pharmacy in Florida. He has been an honest,caring,consciencious employee there and has helped me through many difficult medical problems by referring me to Physicians and others that can help me with a complex mecical condition.
    He is hard healthy, hard working and incredibly honest person. His values and morals follow him throughout his life as well as his work. He has served his country and is proud and diligent about his Military Service and has been for many years.
    We should learn from such an upstanding and decent person, and in no way should he become a vitim of hatred or rumors.
    He is a valuable, intelligent and caring person to all that really know him.
    Philip Robert Battles
    Springfield, MA

  8. thomas182

    I bet he is the only one voting for him over and over again the over grown imature child

  9. Philip Robert Battles

    Jasen Bruce has been a good friend that I met through his daytime job at a Specialty Pharmacy in Florida. He has beend an honest,caring,consciencious employee there and has helped me to navigate through many diffcult medical problems by referring me to Physicians and others that have helped me with a complex medical condition.
    He is healthy, hard working and an incredibly honest person. His values and morals follow him throughout all that he does in his life, as well as his work and his dedication to the U.S Marine Corp. He has served his country and continues to participate in Marine activities and is proud and serious about his Military Service and has been for many years.
    We should learn from such an upstanding and decent individual, and in no way should he become a victim of hatred, rumors, and the Religious protection from the Catholic Church which we all know has been going on for many years among it’s Clergy.
    Jasen Bruce is a valuable, intelligent and caring person to all that really know him.
    This is outrageous.
    Philip Robert Battles
    Springfield, MA

  10. DJ

    The term total douchebag comes to mine. and splain to me how a Marine lives in Channelside, parties in Hyde park all the time and drives a Jag. oh Yeah He works for one of those get your Testosterone and pain killer thru the mail websites in Palm Harbor

  11. Rich

    So you are telling me some lanky homosexual greek priest decided to go to the biggest, scariest white dude he can find, grab his junk from behind, and continuously verbally harasses him into having sex with him? Suuuuure….

    This guy already has a violent history (no doubt to the massive amounts of steroids he is clearly on).

    I agree on one thing though, lets hear that 911 tape. The fact that investigators have this case under tight wraps smells like we got ourselves a liar, liar pants on fire.

  12. SwmpWMpus

    I think back to the Prigden (sp?) incident years ago in Wilmington, N.C.

    A lot of folks thought that Marine was guilty of “gay bashing” also.

    Then the multiple testimononies came out that that Prigden was a lying sack of shit.

  13. Gus

    If the tapes come out showing Saint Jasen beating up on a priest for no reason, will all of you who think he’s just a poor victim assaulted by the media, come back to this site and comment on what a sack of shit your friend is?

  14. Lucky Archer

    He deserved it. On 9/11/01 the Archbishop of Athens said we deserved it. As a Greek American I know what an anti-American anti-Semite he is if he doesn’t bathe, shave and wear pants unlike the priests of my youth under Iakovos. If he doesn’t speak English, he came here to spread poison. You can imagine what unnatural islamosoviet actions take place under his filthy gutter-swabbing cassock.

  15. Binky

    The haters commenting here are only reciting what the news first reported. Obviously they haven’t researched both sides or listened to the show and heard Bruce’s side. One comment mentioned a `lanky` priest, 225-240LBS is NOT lanky. Obviously both sides cannot be the whole truth and both parties have embelished or ommitted, but I believe Bruce. Pro Leo and pro Military!!!

  16. chris

    This is my second time in Clearwater and it seems every time I am here something messed up happens. Last time I was here that McTeer jackass murdered that baby, and this time this incident occurred with Father Marakis. I will let you know that I am of Greek descent and was baptized Greek Orthodox. However, I am not a religious person and believe that the Church is very corrupt. I listened to the interview with jasen. I will admit that because of my background I am probably a little biased. I knew that jasen was going to be on today and I could predict exactly how the interview was going to go when I listened to it later on. I will reserve my judgement until all the evidence is presented. I would like to make a few statements regarding my opinion of this case and some facts about the Orthodox Church. I think the sexual assault thing was a knee jerk reaction by Jasen and his lawyer after discovering that this man was a priest. Manson mentioned that this man was a Catholic priest, and we all know what pops into your head when you hear Catholic priest. There is a difference in the rules between our two churches even though they are essentially the same religion. Our Priest are allowed to get married and have children as long as they do so before they are ordained, catholic priests are not. However, I read that this particular priest has taken a vow of celibacy but most priests make the choice to get married I believe this is the reason molestation charges are much more prevalent in the Catholic church, although they do occur in the Orthodox church. These molestations typically involve a priest with a younger, subordinate figure that has some affiliation with the church behind closed doors. Not a grown man in broad daylight. If Jasen is lying then he should serve his jail time and be discharged from the Marines. If he is lying he gives good descent people who serve in the armed forces like Brent and Ned a bad name, well he gives descent people like Brent a bad name. (Ned screwed, but you are my favourite on the show). If it turns out that jasen is telling the truth then Father Alexios should be removed from the church, although I do not believe that this is the case. It angers me that bubba and the boys were so quick to jump on the Jason Bruce bandwagon. I was telling more convincing lies when I was 11. Just because this guy is a marine does not automatically exclude him from being racist ethnocentric. I believe the priest probably startled him and he reacted like he was trained to react, shoot first ask questions later.

    At this time I am in the Priests corner but I am waiting to see all the evidence. Jasens story just does not wash with me as of yet. If he is telling the truth I will be the first one to apologize and admit I was wrong.

  17. Jim Cooke


    I thought you were smarter then this. He will eventually file a law suit and try to make a buck. Jasen Bruce is a liar why if a guy grabs his crotch why wouldn’t he just tell the dispatcher that’s what happened. There’s no doubt that’s what happened but this big pussy put the crowbar to this sorry ass priest and now he trying to get his ass out of trouble. Send him off to Iraq and let some decent family man come home.

    Love the show,

    Jim from Massachusetts


    Thomas 182-

    I talk to jasen everyday and he has not even bothered looking at the bullsjit written or reported about him by you civilian pukes. Dont worry, he has not voted for himself. In fact, knowing his lack of computer skills,he probably wouldnt even found the poll even if he wanted to try.

    Normally I dont post on these comments, which are usually reserved for assholes who have nothing better than to comment on stuff, twitter, and play on my myspace etc, but this story has become ridiculous.

    I am sorry that I myself served this country, in a combat zone, as an active duty Marine, when the country is full of media sheep and morons.

    Hang in there brother-I listen to Bubba and he seems to have your back. May the truth prevail.

    Semper FI

    OIF 2004-2005
    OIF 2005
    Wounded in action; March 2005
    FOrever we are Marines



    Didnt you hear the Bubba show regarding the tow-truck driver?
    That dude wanted his 10 seconds of fame.

    The police report inidcated that jasen never hit the tow-truck-driver and that he did not fall due to that push. Jase was delivering meds to an HIV patient in his clinic and was parked there for 5 minutes. i woulda confronted the tow-man as well.

    Get your facts straight.
    Again folks, we have not even seen the evidence
    We have no 911 tape (in which jasen was on the phone the WHOLE TIME)
    and Jasen hasnt even been charged numbnuts.

    What would be a shame;

    If Jasen is right and this 29 years old piest continues ti molest men/boys for the remainder of his celibate carreer.


    Hey DJ

    Sounds like your another numbnuts
    that pharmacy he works for is not another “Pain-pill” thru the mail pharmacies.

    Actually, he works as a representative to HIV/AIDS physicians and helps them locate hard to find anabolic hormones legitametly through various pharmacies.

    What pharm sales rep dosnt get paid good asswipe?
    Dont they start around 70k per year?

  21. Sunny

    These allegations from the TPD reguarding Jasen Bruce are very disturbing. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Have they looked into the attack? It sounds like their mind is made up. Doesn’t the truth pay as much money for leaking a story? Another disturbing comment made by the media is about Jasens sexuality. If he was gay it makes it ok to be attacked? Thats like saying a woman was raped because of the clothes she was wearing. Shame on the media! Jasen is a good kid and anyone that knows him understands he is being crucified by the press.


    you people who want to hate muslims (with good reason) at least make sure you can tell the difference between a muslim and a greek orthadox, a jew, a hindu indian, etc.

  23. OrlandoTom

    I was appalled, but surprised by the media’s railroading Jason. I have had many friends in the papers and on the local news relating to productions and benefits that have been misrepresented. Fortunately, for them, the results were merely humorous. We have shaken our heads, and just say, “Man, they just didn’t get that”…or, “Hey, did they even talk to you before they printed this picture, with this caption?”.

    What I find truly terrifying, is that so many people believe what they are told by the press and base important decisions on that misinformation, whether it be someone’s guilt, or for who to vote.

    I would love it if you guys posted the e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of the press sources that are convicting Jason before his day in court. A Call to all the Bubba Nation. Don’t let the press get away with this irresponsible, reckless behavior. Contact them and ask them why they did not report the facts. Why they are more interested in selling a story than integrity? How can they justify ruining a person’s reputation and career just to make a dollar?

    I don’t know Jason, but he sounded very honest. It is not hard for me to believe that some tourist asked someone where to find some “action”, and approached an in-shape male in the parking garage.

    It’s nice to know that we, as a country, liberators of the oppressed, defenders of freedom, are looked upon by foreign tourist as a place to score homosexual sex. For those you say that there is no way that a Greek Orthodox Priest would do such a thing, look up “greek” in the urban dictionary!

  24. HGH Power

    This guy is juiced with HGH, I get it at the same clinic as him but in smaller doses. OOOOOHHHHHHRRRRRRAAAAAAHHHHH!

  25. chris



    Jasen will tell you all day long that he has used HGH in the past, legally prescribed. The kid had numerous knee dislocations amd avoided surgury using HGH. didnt you hear the channel 10 interview?

    if you go to the same clinic you must be one of his customers? He owns his own clinic F—Face and your one of his customers, yet talk crap about him? Everyone who knows him knows he has one of them anti-aging clinics

    Either your full of garbage, or you need to grow some balls and comfront him yourself. Sounds like your the type of dude that kisses peoples asses to there face and then stabs them in the back. You are for sure from S Tampa.

  27. NAS

    I saw the medal he was wearing on his dress uniform in one of hios wedding pics
    i looked the medal up and it represents “unit citation for best penis sucker”.

    you better hope the marines dont discharge your ass because thats all ypur gonna have if your job fires you/ im sure the marones take felons now. youll fit right in the navy/marines.

  28. Richard

    Bubba your still defending this cocksucker. One day your supporting the cops the next day your wasting air time on this cock sucker. Stop the useless football scores leave it to Farrell he does a better job stop your flip floping and get back to the old Bubba show. You wonder why your pay sucks.

  29. NAS

    I was roomates with this douchebag.
    we didnt get along, obviously
    but i can tell you he is NOT gay ( he has sex with my GF, which is wnhy i hate him)this was in 2002, around when he took them photos. he always had girls in his room. unless this was him figthin off his gayness.
    He is a cocky, typical us marine who “is scared of nothin”.
    Even if the priest did touch him (which i wouldnt doubt), he took it too far with the beat-down. Do your time like a man and when the dude in your cel grabs your balls, this time you gotta fight with your fists.

  30. Stupid Monkey

    Sure when some dude grabs your junk you fight, we know that. Why would this priest choose a guy like him and not back up his actions. I mean the priest didn’t fight him? Sorry but if some dude comes for your junk at his size, he’d better bring his A game…sorry i know this is groose but my point is it doesn’t add up. Of course you’d call the poice, he was at his home, and i heard he has roid issues. I never trusted TPD. This dude just looks like a terroist, but maybe that’s the point. What terroist goes after one man for know reason. He’s driving a car so he is not a crazy homeless priest. I mean if really is that gay then check and see if he’s done this before. A bad priest usually goes for the weak. If Jason is innocent then he has bad luck lol. I would have said he was trying to rob me.

  31. Zapata

    Bubba the Dumb Sponge,
    You are one inarticulate stupid anti-Semitic, anti-Greek, anti-Mexican, let’s just say RACIST, douche nozzle.
    How the f*ck does Howard Stern put up with your sorry ass?
    You can barely speak the English language and your bloggers (excluding me) are trolls who cannot spell common words correctly.

    No shit- Indiana State dropped your sorry fat ass?!
    You’re kidding? Is it because you don’t know what a GED stands for?
    No more of your hapless shit. Time FOR ALL to delete your station from the radio setting.

    Your trite expression of “man-up” has taken on a new meaning with your stupid, schizoid marine reservist. He was one nervous jag off on your show. Rather like you.

    Btw, MJ acts like a pussy but you are one.
    Really, you are.

  32. luis

    good luck with everything jason! bubba army supports you!

  33. DC

    anti-greek? where the hell did that come from? Giving the fing guy a chance to speak his peace does not make bubba anti anything, except maybe anti bullshit mainstream media railroading. Quit being ridiculous.

  34. Greg

    Zapata, along with many other queers on this blog are just a bunch of jealous MARKS. Ha ha. Its great! You are awsome Bubba and the Bubba Army is obviously strong. They are such jealous marks that they actually listen to the Bubba Show and follow all the information online. They actually keep up with everything Bubba does. Its just like the closeted homosexuals that go around hating and bashing gay people, but they themselves are homosexuals who rape young boys. I think it is so great that we piss off these people to the point of them becoming completely consumed with everything we do. Keep marking out! Thanks.

    P.S.- Jason, good job. If it were me, I would’ve shot that priest.

  35. Kami

    On one hand the marine wigged out as he’s trained to fight those individuals in the middle east, on the other hand the truth will come out in the video and the 911 tape

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