Marijuana-laced cookies sicken 3 children in Huntington Beach

October 25th, 2010 by Staff

Source: KTLA
Huntington Beach police were investigating Friday the case of three children treated for vomiting and dizziness after eating cookies containing marijuana.

Officers were called to Huntington Beach Hospital, where an 11-year-old boy was vomiting and dizzy. Shortly afterward, two other children with the same symptoms arrived at the hospital with their parents.

Police said the parent of one of the children accepted cookies as a present from a neighbor, Jason Davis, 40, earlier that day. The parent was unaware the cookies contained marijuana and put them aside.

Later that afternoon, the boy and his friends found the cookies and ate them, then went to the park to play. They began feeling nauseous, dizzy and lethargic and returned to their homes, police said.

When he heard the children had consumed the cookies, Davis called police and went to the hospital.

Police said Davis was aware the cookies contained marijuana. He does not have a medical marijuana card. No arrests have been made, police said, but an investigation was continuing.

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  1. kerrytheviking

    party till ya puke! did they get the munchies? they wasted some good weed!

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